My New "Yearn for Freedom" Blog;

Thursday, June 14, 2018

The "Excusing"

   There appears to be a misunderstanding. I have been surrounded by a horribly confusing covert hell for many years now. I have hoped that there is some good in my situation that is aware. And I have repeatedly reassured "GOOD" officials - officials who are not hurting people and have good intentions, but just have not been able to be here for us yet that I will excuse them and not blame them. But this excusing does not apply to those who have been targeting me and others, especially those who have been surrounding me with covert war stuff, which has been hurting people, and appears to have not stopped even though I have begged for it to on uncountable occasions.
   I have been realizing more in the past year and, since I recognized the "Private Investigator" lady, and realized that she still has free reign in my life, a lot of puzzle pieces have been clicking together and I am really struggling with all of it. I have been waiting for YEARS for good officials to be here for us and too much of the opposite has happened. There are many things I did not understand and I am sure there still is a lot I do not understand, because I am too trapped in this hell to be able to soul search and figure more out and there have been no officials explaining things to me. But some nasty puzzle pieces have been clicking together and it feels too horrible. Though I am really scared I can not let it go. Actually, I feel angry and sad and devastated by the ways things have been appearing in the past year or so. People are still being hurt and enslaved instead of being helped - instead of officials being HERE for us and there is just too much that is wrong with this picture.

   I can excuse GENUINE good officials for not being able to be here for us yet, but I can not excuse those who clearly intend harm and have been hurting us instead of helping us.