My New "Yearn for Freedom" Blog;

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Did They?

   I believe that there is good in our government. When my heart steps out of the devastation of my personal situation, I can feel that they surely have their own sets of problems with this situation and that many of them are victims too. I can feel for them. The whole situation is horrible for us and them and everyone and I wish the genuine good parts would openly stand up for us, as well as themselves, forcing the bad to lose it power.
   And then there is my personal situation, which is as confusing as it is scary; In the past decade and more, as I sought help from the FBI and other agencies...etc., did they surround me with covert wars and use me for bait and keep me hanging and waiting for help that never intended to be here for us while I lost (or while they tried to take away?) what was left of my money and my work and and my health and my loved ones and my witnesses and evidence that can prove the targeting...etc., and then plan to leave me and others in a far worse condition than ever. . . instead of being here for us? It appears so and it all feels too horrible. I hope this is one of those situations that is not the way it appears to be. But, why are officials not here of us and standing up for us?

   I am deeply sorry if my standing up for, and waiting for help from, the good in our government has enabled the bad parts of it to grow and have more success with targeting and controlling and enslaving...etc. I guess I have not done a very good job with handling this situation. I feel I have failed with too much and am too trapped and tortured and overwhelmed to do better until a miracle happens to set us all free and let us recover and follow only our own hearts.