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Saturday, June 30, 2018

Backtracking, A Piece of the Puzzle Solved and a Bit of Controversial Truth

 Yesterday I edited some of my posts and then was swarmed with ravens screeching out warnings of danger. Things definitely vamped up on me! So I put them back the way they were a couple days ago.
   In yesterdays edits I had tried to be in my heart and wanted to let the genuine good officials to know that I am not blaming them. I was also in a place of fear of good official help never being here for us due to my written concerns about some officials and the few things I've written about my experiences with the covert stuff in the past five years. (This has been an ongoing concern, especially since I have not been happy about how things have been.) My concern has magnified since more puzzle pieces have been clicking together after I recognized the "PI"/FbI? lady.

Update; I had started writing out some of what has been happening in this post, but didn't finish it, so I erased it. I had been fleshing it out in a word doc when the library shit down the computer and I lost it. But, I realized that I can not write it all out and figure everything out while still being targeted anyway, and especially not on infiltrated computers while surrounded by puppets who are used to harass me.