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Thursday, June 14, 2018

A Serious Threat?

   Last night they had a puppet drive by me yelling, "Shut the F___ UP! F---ing Shut up!" I was not saying anything so it must be about things I'd recently said or written. A short while later I heard a loud roaring noise, like a tornado type of sound, but it appeared to be a projected sound just to scare me. But then this morning they had a bus parked outside of the Bedford Market Basket and a puppet pointing a phone toward the cafe, where I was going to use the bathroom. The bus is symbolic, in the covert crap, of them trying to teach me something. I try to ignore it, especially at these times, but its not always possible, especially when they have a remotely controlled TV blaring or a puppet yelling at me. As I walked into the cafe the TV loudly broadcasted a report about a tornado that hit the Northeast last night. Are they threatening to create disasters, in order to silence me and/or force me into enslavement? Or are they just trying to make me think they are?

The Silence Hurts us More
 Its speaking up that helps the hell to stop

    I have felt that some supposed "natural" disasters have been used to cover up intentional damages to properties and people, which are inflicted with laser and microwave weapons during the storms. I hope criminal use of these technologies are stopped soon.