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Saturday, June 30, 2018

Backtracking, A Piece of the Puzzle Solved and a Bit of Controversial Truth

 Yesterday I edited some of my posts and then was swarmed with ravens screeching out warnings of danger. Things definitely vamped up on me! So I put them back the way they were a couple days ago.
   In yesterdays edits I had tried to be in my heart and wanted to let the genuine good officials to know that I am not blaming them. I was also in a place of fear of good official help never being here for us due to my written concerns about some officials and the few things I've written about my experiences with the covert stuff in the past five years. (This has been an ongoing concern, especially since I have not been happy about how things have been.) My concern has magnified since more puzzle pieces have been clicking together after I recognized the "PI"/FbI? lady.

Update; I had started writing out some of what has been happening in this post, but didn't finish it, so I erased it. I had been fleshing it out in a word doc when the library shit down the computer and I lost it. But, I realized that I can not write it all out and figure everything out while still being targeted anyway, and especially not on infiltrated computers while surrounded by puppets who are used to harass me.

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Pharmaceuticals That Aid Technological Mind Control Found in Public Drinking Water

  I still strongly feel that some of the pharmaceuticals, which have been found in public water supplies, have been being, and are probably still being, intentionally placed there, in order to aid technological mind control. I feel that the pharmaceutical problem, even extends beyond this and is directly linked to the technological mind control and the destruction of the heart of humanity. I strongly feel that this, and the mind control, should be fully and honestly exposed in order for it to be fully stopped and stay stopped - and in order for humanity to be saved and have a chance to recover from its effects.

Awareness is the key to bypassing the general mind control stuff

    The milder forms of technological mind control is most effective on people who are not aware and have been either drugged or shoved into deep states of trauma. Awareness is the key to bypassing the general mind control stuff and following our Hearts instead of the darkness that aims to take over humanity and rip loved ones apart...etc. Please help people to become aware and to resist and to pull together and help support each other. And please help all aspects of the targeting to be completely stopped.
    There is also a need for more officials to become aware that a severe mind control victim can be set up in many ways, in order for criminals to use our judicial system to perpetuate the targeting. Please help stop this from happening.

Give us STRENGTH, God...to find our way through bullets hidden in microwaves, and COURAGE, God...to make a STAND that saves our lives and FREEs our land.

About my Name Changes

   In short; I had legally changed my name from Sharon Buck (My married name) to my pen name, Namatari Neachi, in the mid 1990s, out of respect for my father, because he was so uncomfortable with my looking at and healing childhood things, that I felt he'd also have difficulty with my publicly sharing my writings about it.
   I later felt uncomfortable with the pen name I'd chosen and had hoped that another name change would help the targeting to stop. So, in 2007 I legally changed my name to Sharon Rose Poet. The Poet part came from my mother who used to call me the little poet when I was a child. The Rose part came from a poem my mother wrote for me, which was called, "Rose for Sharon". After I realized the scope of the targeting against my whole family and other loved ones, I decided to publicly share all of my names, so that my loved ones would be helped, which felt more important to me than any other issues. My maiden name is still Sharon Y. LaBree. . .always has been and always will be. Irregardless of what I am called I am still who I am.

What Happened to Billy?

  Billy was like a brother to me. He was a torture victim and a valuable witness, since he was a doctor who was aware of the targeting. The targeting seemed to vamp up on him since around the year 2000, as it did on many of us. Since then his license to practice medicine had been taken away, and, among other things, he experienced serious "accidents," which included a head on collision with a police car and a skiing accident. The last time I saw him, around 2015, he was being hit hard and was clearly very scared and had told me that one of his friends had just vanished without a trace....etc. Now, Billy's phone has been disconnected and I am deeply concerned that he may have been abducted and/or enslaved. If he re-appears will he be who he was? What has happened to him? I'd hoped to have brought Billy help, when I last visited him, but did the opposite happen?
   My heart aches horribly for all of us, especially those of us who are torture victims, like Billy and I and other deep and sensitive and creative people whom I was close to in the late 1980s and early 1990s. My other loved ones have not been as tortured as we were, but they became medicated mind control victims and its horrible for them too, although they are not aware of what is happening to them or us, that I know of. But those of us who became aware, and especially those who can be valuable witnesses, have been vanishing or being killed! Are they still being torn from their lives and enslaved? Please help stop this from happening.

What happened to Billy?

P.S. My close friend Don Desmerias is another victim who was killed in 2012. What happened to Don? Is he really dead or is he enslaved - is he 'trapped between the world's like what was shown in one of my precognitive dreams about my little brother, Kevin LaBree? What happened to Jim Baker? Has he been enslaved - another death staged? And then there's Daniel Nadeau - is he really physically dead or is he enslaved too? And the list could go on, but its too much for me to deal with right now. My heart aches for all of us. It all just hurts too much. And now Billy seems to be gone too. :-(

Friday, June 22, 2018

Again - Please Stop

   Please stop it all - all the covert stuff and all the technological stuff and all the other stuff. Its hurt me and people whom I love too much. 

Its a Horrible, Holocaust

Its a horrible, holocaustal covert war where ignorance and silence are sometimes worse enemies than the satanic ones who target humanity. Please bring it to an end and peacefully stand up for Freedom.

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Did They?

   I believe that there is good in our government. When my heart steps out of the devastation of my personal situation, I can feel that they surely have their own sets of problems with this situation and that many of them are victims too. I can feel for them. The whole situation is horrible for us and them and everyone and I wish the genuine good parts would openly stand up for us, as well as themselves, forcing the bad to lose it power.
   And then there is my personal situation, which is as confusing as it is scary; In the past decade and more, as I sought help from the FBI and other agencies...etc., did they surround me with covert wars and use me for bait and keep me hanging and waiting for help that never intended to be here for us while I lost (or while they tried to take away?) what was left of my money and my work and and my health and my loved ones and my witnesses and evidence that can prove the targeting...etc., and then plan to leave me and others in a far worse condition than ever. . . instead of being here for us? It appears so and it all feels too horrible. I hope this is one of those situations that is not the way it appears to be. But, why are officials not here of us and standing up for us?

   I am deeply sorry if my standing up for, and waiting for help from, the good in our government has enabled the bad parts of it to grow and have more success with targeting and controlling and enslaving...etc. I guess I have not done a very good job with handling this situation. I feel I have failed with too much and am too trapped and tortured and overwhelmed to do better until a miracle happens to set us all free and let us recover and follow only our own hearts.

A Prayer and a Rude Awakening

   Last night and this morning I had prayed hard for God to help me release my anger and fear...etc., and I was aiming to edit or erase some of my recent blog posts and try to let my heart lead. I have gone through this process a lot. I didn't follow through this morning, because I was again hit with the devastating reality of my situation and I don't know how to handle it and I can not fully follow only my own heart while still being targeted. And I have become concerned that I may have erased too much of my writings, in order to not discourage good officials who could be here for us and in order to be allowed to get the bits of financial help, from mostly controlled paces, that have kept me surviving on some levels, while I wait for them to be. Some of these sources of help have been cut off and I am extremely distressed about my survival. It appears that, after isolating me they have forced me to become dependent on them so they could use that to manipulate me through depriving me at strategic times. I feel too horribly trapped for too long now. And genuine NONcovert help has still not showed up.
   Out of desperation I recently asked my father for help, even though he is a mind control victim who appears to have been programed not to help me very much, especially during times of dire need. Nothing has changed there. They appear to have even had him send me nothing but a note that was clearly an aim to trigger me while I was being technologically tortured. Those who target us appear to have wanted me to angrily lace into my father, but I laced into them instead. My father is a victim too, as are all my loved ones, in various ways. I know he would help me, as much as he could, and be a safe person for me to turn to, IF he were completely free and able to follow his own Heart, but he's not and the control of him appears to have gotten worse in the past few years, while I have been begging for and waiting for, the proper kinds of help for all of us. The fact that I have failed to get good protective help for all of us is my greatest pain through the past few years. Hopefully my writings have helped others, but I now know that at least some of my writings have been being blocked from the public, as well as altered and I am deeply concerned that they, as well as my emails and snail mail and phone, have been too controlled.

So how do I let go of my anger? I can't, while trapped in this situation, and God can not do it for me either. My anger has grown from the well of pain that I carry for myself and my loved ones and the rest of humanity, as our suffering has grown through being either tortured or enslaved or controlled or cruelly used or spiritually killed or physically killed...etc. Its an excruciating pain and I have not had the freedom or the privacy or the safety that I have desperately needed, in order to process my feelings and heal them, for far too long now. I still vent some of it through verbally blasting them in the supposed privacy of my car, because I know they can hear me. . .but then they tend to seek revenge on me, which just adds more to it. Its a vicious cycle and I want out of this trap so badly its beyond words, but there appears to be no way out, accept their sick covert enslavement/rescue thing and I am not doing that.

The first line of my recent song keeps echoing from the depths of my aching heart. . .
Oh, Dear Lord please set us free.
Why has it not happened?

Give us STRENGTH, God...to find our way through bullets hidden in microwaves, and COURAGE, God...to make a STAND that saves our lives and FREEs our land.

Thursday, June 14, 2018

Intentional Damage

I have felt that some supposed "natural" disasters have been used to cover up intentional damages to properties and people, which are inflicted with laser and microwave weapons during the storms. I hope criminal use of both space and ground based technologies are stopped soon.

A Serious Threat?

   Last night they had a puppet drive by me yelling, "Shut the F___ UP! F---ing Shut up!" I was not saying anything so it must be about things I'd recently said or written. A short while later I heard a loud roaring noise, like a tornado type of sound, but it appeared to be a projected sound just to scare me. But then this morning they had a bus parked outside of the Bedford Market Basket and a puppet pointing a phone toward the cafe, where I was going to use the bathroom. The bus is symbolic, in the covert crap, of them trying to teach me something. I try to ignore it, especially at these times, but its not always possible, especially when they have a remotely controlled TV blaring or a puppet yelling at me. As I walked into the cafe the TV loudly broadcasted a report about a tornado that hit the Northeast last night. Are they threatening to create disasters, in order to silence me and/or force me into enslavement? Or are they just trying to make me think they are?

The Silence Hurts us More
 Its speaking up that helps the hell to stop

    I have felt that some supposed "natural" disasters have been used to cover up intentional damages to properties and people, which are inflicted with laser and microwave weapons during the storms. I hope criminal use of these technologies are stopped soon.


   Sometimes they seem to do things just so that I will write about them and sometimes they try to force me to erase other things. I do not always know their manipulations so I may fall into that trap sometimes, especially since they have me so trapped and tortured and overwhelmed that its impossible to fully listen to only my own heart and instincts most of the time. I guess time will tell.

In Order to Get Help

   I have been being repeatedly threatened into erasing things, in order to get official help. The primary thing they want me to erase from my writings, in order to get help, is my statements about the pharmaceuticals that have been found in public water supplies and how I feel that they have been intentionally placed there to aid technological mind control. They have also wanted me to hide my 2010 web posting of my Into the Light book, the fact that the New Hampshire DOT took my Loudon, NH home and that there was a suspicious fire, which appeared to have been put out and then restarted by a fire department, in the next home I'd owned...etc. I'm sorry, I can't do it, because these are key things that can help prove the targeting that has not yet been proven or even openly acknowledged by anyone who is in positions to help stop it from happening to me as well as others.
   There have also received threats to harm and/or enslave my closest loved ones and set them up to be blamed for the targeting in a stand up. This appears to be happening to more than one and the threats have been ongoing and appear to be connected to my not shutting up and hiding key parts of the targeting. This is really scary, because if those who are supposed to be helping us are also the ones who enslave and control people, how can any of it work out fairly or honestly?

The "Excusing"

   There appears to be a misunderstanding. I have been surrounded by a horribly confusing covert hell for many years now. I have hoped that there is some official good in my situation that is aware. And I have repeatedly reassured "GOOD" officials - officials who are not hurting people and have good intentions, that I will excuse them and not blame them for not being able to be here for us yet. But this excusing does not apply to those who have been targeting me and others, especially those who have been surrounding me with covert war stuff, which has been hurting people, which appears to have not stopped even though I have begged for it to on uncountable occasions in the past five years.
I have been realizing more in the past year and, since I recognized the "Private Investigator" lady, and realized that she still has free reign in my life, a lot of puzzle pieces have been clicking together and I am really struggling with all of it. I have been waiting for YEARS for good officials to be here for us and too much of the opposite has happened.
   There are many things I have not understood and I am sure there still is a lot I do not understand, because I am too trapped in this hell to be able to soul search and figure more out and there have been no officials explaining things to me. But some nasty puzzle pieces have been clicking together and it feels horrible. Though I am really scared I can not let it go. I feel angry and sad and devastated by the ways things have been appearing in the past year or so. People are still being hurt and enslaved instead of being helped - instead of officials being HERE for us, along with sly changes in my license and birth certificate...etc., and there is just too much that is wrong with this picture.

P.S. I can excuse GENUINE good officials for not being able to be here for us yet, but I can not excuse those who clearly intend harm and have been hurting us instead of helping us. But where is the good? Why is it not here for us? Where are the official Hearts (The ones I saw in a dream) who are going to stand up and save America and the rest of humanity? Will they show up in time for us? I hope so.

Change in My Blog

   Since the posts I put up on the twenty ninth of May, copies of my blog posts are no longer being sent to my email address, although the option to do so is still active. They have altered the blog function. I am concerned that they may be blocking my email and postal mail as well.

Changes in the Targeting After Sending in Reports

    I sent a few new reports to Government officials, and then the technological parts of the targeting backed off for a while. The targeting switched to just periodic blasts of general microwaving, as if its only being done locally and not through space based technologies. The good news is that the four month stretch of hell with them nuking the mucus membranes in my lungs and throat into overreacting and repeatedly nearly choking me to death, has completely stopped.

Give us STRENGTH, God...to find our way through bullets hidden in microwaves, and COURAGE, God...to make a STAND that saves our lives and FREEs our land.