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Saturday, May 12, 2018

Unreachable Help Hurts Too Much!

   I was thinking of posting this scenario, about unreachable help a few days before another round of it started. Is it just to hurt me? It appears so.

Sometimes unreachable help is worse than having no help at all and unreachable loved ones is worse than having none at all. It all just hurts too much!

   I have been experiencing this since 2013, that I know of. The games of using our loved ones, or people who look like them, to be pranced around us, without being allowed to reach us or be here for us, while we continue to suffer in torturous isolation, has been a regular pattern in the targeting. Its also done with officials. And its excruciatingly painful for victims like me, who have been waiting too long for desperately needed help and care and protection...etc. And my heart also aches for those who are being used by the program that hurts us all. I did later realize that at least part of it is for the purpose of abductions, using people whom we could trust and not know are enslaved by the ones who also targeted them. But it all hurts, no matter what the motive. Its often feels like living in a horror movie and being a victim who is enslaved and all tied up and being shot with laser weapons…etc., and people whom I love, as well as officials who could help, are walking around me and not even trying to help me or set me free. It hurts. It feels like part of the torture.