My New "Yearn for Freedom" Blog;

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

The Sadistic Pedophile Thing

   I have wondered why those who target me have aimed to frame me as a pedophile. I have assumed it was only about slandering me and also to try to terrorize me into thinking they have already framed me - ruined my life, in order to force me to chose to leave my life and leap, "forever", into their enslavement "home". And these things are clearly true. However, it may also be a vengeance thing or perhaps started out being so.
   I wonder if a pedophile (or two) has been being used to help target/torture me. . . and/or if he had vindictively plugged my name onto a list of pedophiles to be targeted by one of the rouge covert organizations that seem to think they have the right to covertly judge, sentence and torture people whom they THINK are criminals or are bad for society.
   In the late 1970s, I knew two men who had sexually assaulted children. One of them lost his wife and children due to my, and someone else's, aim to save them from him. I'm sure he was not very happy with me. I recently realized that the other man probably lived in fear, for many years, of charges being pressed against him. Both remained free due to difficult circumstances. One had escaped charges through taking off and joining the military. Its a long story. (Oddly, I had completely forgotten about them for a LONG time.) 
   Last week I remembered these incidents and started thinking about it. And, within days of my doing so there was a sudden vamp up with what appeared to be another attempt to frame me as a pedophile, which involved them having their puppets leaving their children in a hallway of a building that I was parked outside of, just before I experienced a sudden desperate urge to run in to use the bathroom. I'm sure the urge to have a BM was technologically induced, in order to force me into the building at a strategic time, because this sort of thing has happened a lot and I did not really have to go.
   These types of situations have had me living in fear for a few years. It is really scary, because they seem to have the freedom to do whatever they want and too many people are not aware of their tactics and I am too alone with all of this. All they really have to do is place children around me, when there are no honest witnesses around me, and then start their manipulations...etc. And all they really have to do to slander me is have one of their puppets accuse me and let the media say I was "suspected" of the crime...etc. Just the mere accusation could also land me in an extremely dangerous environment! Needless to say, I do not want either of these things to happen. I want them to stop this and leave me alone.
   The targeting is all so covert and so manipulative that its hard to know who is doing what and why, but some of the patterns have become quite clear and there has been obvious attempts to frame me as a pedophile, in the past few years, which included the incidents I'd written about, around 2012 or 2013, when they actually had a woman and her children following me from one place to another. . .and another woman who had appeared to have told her son to come sit on my lap and play with my computer in restaurant. Thanks to the prophetic dream I had about them having me put in prison under the fabricated accusation of my being a pedophile, I was able to avoid these set ups. But they are still trying and it seems impossible to intuit and completely avoid ALL their set ups! At one point, a few years ago they told me that I was already framed and had to leave my life forever...etc., and then swarmed me with the covert "rescue" stuff! I'm not leaving. I haven't done anything wrong! But THEY have and they are the ones who should leave MY life forever.

   This situation is really difficult for me. Aside from being effective with terrorizing me, it has isolated me from children. I love children and used to openly talk to them when the opportunity arose. But I now avoid them and have even been rude to some children in order to avoid them. Its sad, because I am not a pedophile - I am the opposite of a pedophile and I do not deserve to live in this fear. Some children could even benefit from associating with me. I'd be good for them if I were free to love them. (This includes my own children and grand children.)
   I have wondered...if the targeting were not forcing me to stay away from my own children, and was not also depriving me of relationships with my grandchildren, if I would be able to freely enjoy my grandchildren without worrying about them possibly being brainwashed or of V2K being used on them to make them think I said something bad...etc., The only way I would not worry about it is if ALL of us were fully aware of ALL aspects of the targeting, so that it could not succeed with hurting us...and the same goes for all other victims of these sorts of things, most of which I feel are not aware at all....like I wasn't in 2004, when  they tried to brainwash me into thinking that my father was a pedophile, with a technologically projected dream. Like I have been saying, it is critically important for the targeting, especially the mysterious technological parts of it, to be fully exposed to the whole population. I am sure that I am not the only one who has been being hurt by it, and the horrible secrecy that enables its success with many different types of things. I feel certain that some victims experience worse than I have, due to a complete lack of awareness in them as well as the people associated with their situations.

   How many innocent people have been framed and destroyed in prisons that hate pedophiles? And how many REAL pedophiles are free to use things like satellite remote viewing and laser weapons that can also be used to sexually assault people? Things should be the opposite of what they have been in these situations, except for the destruction. Even REAL pedophiles should not be tortured and tormented and destroyed. They should be kept away from children and encouraged to face and heal their obvious issues...etc. It appears that, in many cases, they too were once innocent children who were abused and that they have the type of personality that tends to take it out on others, instead of facing it and healing from it...etc.