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Tuesday, May 29, 2018

The PI Lady Is Really an FBI Lady?

   Last week I recognized a woman who had been stalking me at a library. I knew her as a "private investigator" in 2011, but is she really an FBI agent? It appears so, but I am not sure. I am sure that She was the same woman who had approached me in 2011 and lured me to her house saying she could help me with the targeting. . .and told me that she "became a PI so she could do to others what they have done to us," that, in order for the targeting to end I had to stay with her for at least "one year and do everything" she said and that we also had to "eliminate" a man who'd been set up to be blamed for doing all the targeting. At that time I left and reported her and then, after a man she seemed connected with smiled at me and said, "You are about to experience something wonderful," it was like the gates of hell had opened up in the targeting. This was when I made the run to Canada, which I shared in my early writings. I have suspected that I may have been framed in Canada and now wonder if the PI (FBI?) lady had done that as well.
   A few days ago I tried writing a statement about this and they wiped it off the computer and then had a woman approach me, at first seeming comforting, but then as she left she said, "Picture the blood of the lamb in everything you do." As she said this she made her hands do a typing thing.

   I feel that the PI (FBI?) lady  has probably been seeking revenge on me as well as using me for bait in covert war stuff and it all just feels too horrible, although it is explaining a lot. Puzzle pieces are still clicking together and I am stressed to the max. Please pray for my safety.

P.S. I have been having a really hard time dealing with this situation, not just that she had the audasity to come back into my life and pretend to be help, but also because it appears she'd covertly remained in my life, disrupting and harming and hurting instead of really helping. Why would this woman whom I had tried to report to officials in 2011 show back up in my life? It all seems to part of some sort of set up. Its a horribly confusing situation. And I know its not just her. She probably does not work alone and she is the one who'd opened the door to the hell I went through in the TI web forums as well. When a victim is desperate for help and the "help" ends up hurting us even more, its just not good, no matter how its looked at.