My New "Yearn for Freedom" Blog;

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Letting Go of the Fight

   I was going to be letting go of most of this blog, but NOT for those who threaten me to do so and have so obviously made alterations to it, in the past few years, in order to try to push me into completely shutting it down. I was going to do it for my heart's need to let go of the fight.
Parts of this blog have not remained authentic and what my heart wanted it to be, due to the targeting's effect on me and criminal infiltrations into my writings, which appear to have changed the dates of some posts, altered or erased contents of others and even sometimes manipulated things through the orchestration of events they knew I'd write about...etc. I have wanted to comb through it and try to fix it, but this is impossible for me to accomplish while still being targeted. I have felt that its probably better than nothing, the way it is, but I do not know if it really is.

   This blog started out being a fight for my life (literally) as well as a fight for the safety and wellbeing of my loved ones and other victims of the horrible covert targeting, especially the technological and pharmaceutical parts of it. It reflects my process of learning about the targeting and how to deal with it. I still don't know how to deal with it! The targeting is an indescribably horrible hell that desperately needs far more Hearts peacefully standing up against it, especially those who have the capability of protection from the technological mind control and covert harassment. (I wish I had some of those Hearts in my life, standing with me.) I am sorry that my heart has not held up very well. I have been being hurt too much for too long and it has damaged all aspects of my life - my work, my heart, my spirit, my soul, my body...etc. I hope to be able to recover, but all aspects of the targeting would have to be completely stopped...etc., in order for that to happen.

   As I write this they have their librarian puppets repeatedly thanking me! (And as I aimed to they had a postal puppet sweeping the floor in front of me as I entered my post office, which is their usual covert way of telling me to clean up my writings.) I AM NOT DOING THIS FOR ANYONE WHO USES THE POOR CONTROLLED PUPPETS! Now I feel reluctant to let go of ANYTHING, because I prefer to defy them. Isn't this ironic?! My intention is to let go of the fight and then I end up fighting in this post.

More is explained in my "about" page which has sometimes been hidden by those who target me. Hopefully it will remain up this time.