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Wednesday, May 9, 2018

I have a Job. I Have Just Needed the Freedom to Do It!

   Some Jobs Are More Important Than Money

   Harassment against my choice of work started back in the late 1990s. At that time it was subtle and came in the form of puppets repeatedly asking me and my key loved ones if I have "gotten a REAL job yet," implying that I was supposed to be doing something other than what I'd chosen and what I should be doing with my life. Then the harassment turned into various types of covert sabotage and then obvious sabotage (including theft) and now threatening tortures and infiltrations and alterations of my writings, and degradings that try to make me feel bad about my losses...etc., in the past several years.
   No, I have not been "making enough money" from my job, which is the question they often ask in the past few years. I have put FAR more money into it than I have gotten out of it. But this does not mean that I should stop doing it and do something else. It means that those who prevent its success, should be stopped from doing so and. . .to be fair. . .should even pay me back for what they have stolen and prevented my work from earning. THEY are the ones who should be making a change, not me. This is MY life and MY work and MY right to choose and really nobody else's business, literally! (I honestly don't expect them to pay me back, because I can not prove most of what they have done to me, but its a fair request.) They even appear to be trying to wipe out my older writings and appear to be threatening me into hiding the fact that my work ever existed and start something new in order for them to allow me to be financially successful. The amount of control they seem to have in our world is horrible and just should not be true.
   I have repeatedly aimed to restart my work after each sabotage, even after being shoved into destitution, and I still stand behind it, because it was not about making money - it was about things that are far more important than that. However, I fully believe that my job/work would have been VERY monetarily successful if it and I had not been being sabotaged, from the start
   This is America. We are supposed to be free to follow our hearts and make our dreams come true with our work. Its horribly sad that some of us have not had that freedom. It should be restored as quickly as possible. The problem can not be fixed with victims of covert targeting continuing to be forced to stop their choice of work and shoved into jobs at places like McDonalds and Walmart and Truck Driving Companies. . .where severe levels of the targeting freely continue and pay is often not enough to even get back onto our own feet. I have tried MANY other jobs, in order to get back on my feet with my own work, but they have been sabotaged too, maybe because I planned to use them to fund MY REAL JOB.

   My writings are only parts of what my work was intended to be, but they are the part that I have been able to continue offering to the public as those who target me shoved me into destitution and hold me in their torturous prison. I have not had the freedom to do a very good job with my work, and it appears to have been being blocked on the web, but its still my job and I am hoping for the help and support I need, in order to regain the freedom to keep it and I safe from further harm...etc., so I can heal from what has been done to me and make my work better and have a fair chance for success with it.

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