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Saturday, May 12, 2018

Covert is Not Real

   To me, ANYTHING that is covert is not real or trustworthy - its ALL just cryptic whispers that grope for me from the darkness that surrounds me. I find it scary and creepy and WAY too confusing. I crave, from the aching depths of my heart and soul, a world that is good and kind and real, the way it should be for everyone. . .and me.

P.S. Next Morning; This post originally said that my feelings about the covert stuff was why I have been asking gov officials to stand up for humanity. This is not true. It was a manipulation done by those who target me and appear to have wanted someone to believe it. For about five years now I have experienced periods of them telling me that I am "selfish" for wanting officials to stand up and acknowledge the targeting...etc., and that I want it "just for" me, like was said after this post.