My New "Yearn for Freedom" Blog;

Monday, May 14, 2018

Can You Feel Them Crying for Help?

Can you feel the Spirit of completely enslaved victims crying for help - crying to be set free?

   I know some victims who have been completely enslaved - turned into ravens who are used to help target me and other torture victims. These victims are used by the worst criminals and often blamed by the rest of us. And I have felt their hearts and souls crying for freedom from the prison they are trapped in with technological mind control technologies. They are victims too. And their spirits are crying for freedom.
   Please find the Heart and wisdom to realize that many of those, whom we blame for the targeting, are victims who are being set up by those who enslaved them and control and use them. I hope they are ALL set free and that criminal use of the technologies is completely stopped in whatever way it can be done fastest.

Its not the enslaved victims who are responsible - its those who control them that are.

   Please help set the ravens free. Hopefully they can return to their Hearts and be who they used to be. My heart aches for those whom I knew to be Heart people. I wish I had the freedom to see if they can be healed using reiki types of methods…etc. I think at least some of them may be healable. But they need to be set free first – all technological control must be stopped first.

   According to my dreams there seems to be something about an injection involved with the enslaving and people being forced or deceived into making a choice to join. And then they seem to have victims do it to other victims. (There are also surgeries that mind control victims are forced into, like ear and eye and spinal and tonsil surgeries which implants microchips.)

   The complete enslaving seems to damage or completely block the victim's Heart - instincts and spiritual connections and conscience...etc., and leaves them completely controlled.