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Monday, May 14, 2018

A Disgrace to America

   It appears that they put me through another test late yesterday, which I gladly failed while verbally blasting them. This morning (Monday) they blocked me from getting help with gas for my car and other needs in an organization they control. (I guess only happy and obedient victims get more help instead of less.) Just before this deprivation of the usual and needed help, they had a puppet drive by, displaying a large America flag, dark sunglasses a military shirt, and two horn beeps, which means "no" in the covert language.
    But this was clearly not only about the deprivation of the usual financial help, which I am forced to seek and is used for deprivation at strategic times, it was also about telling me that American government officials will not be here for me due to the state of my writings and the pain and anger I verbally expressed (in the supposed privacy of my car) after their provoking me and testing me. God help America, if this disgraceful covert crap really represents it. And it surely does represent some of it, but hopefully not all of it.

   Have some government officials been promising to be here for me, since June of 2013 - keeping me hanging and waiting for their help, while they finished taking over, chasing away or enslaving people (including some other officials and my loved ones) who wanted to be here for me or could have been here for me. . .and while demanding that I alter my writings, in order to make THEM look good, before they help me? And are they making me suffer more for not blindly obeying them and for doubting their intentions and for angrily expressing how their behaviors make them look bad to me and have been destroying my trust in them? It appears so. If American officials, who KNOW about all of this, are not the ones who are doing it then why do they silently let it happen? The answer seems obvious. Some of them are doing it! This isn't nearly the first time I have experienced things like this. Its been ongoing, on severe and obvious levels for about five years. And, in some ways, its been the most devastating part of the targeting.

God, help us victims! 
And God help America to regain its freedom, integrity and Heart.


P.S. I am through waiting for "help" from officials who clearly never had any intentions of being here for us, and who continue to badger and threaten and test and try to control my writings and use me for bait against my will...etc., while holding me in this torturous prison. And, NO! - I do not want to lie for them, in order to make them look better than they really are. What kind of help would that be? I sooooo wanted them to BE good and not just "look" good. And its heart wrenching that they keep proving to not deserve my trust and loyalty. Its actually devastating for me and other torture victims, as well as those around us who are enslaved. God help us all.

PSS. I have experienced yet another sudden change in attitude in them, in order to cover up what they do to me. The woman who was used to rudely deprive me on Monday, was used to call me today - after their failed attempts to make me erase this post about it. She gave me a false excuse about concern for my safety and offered even more help - she offered me another used vehicle. But would it be safe? Is it just to shut me up and finish taking away the vehicle I have, which has obviously been the plan since at least February? I don't trust anything that comes through them. It has been hard to be forced to get help from them, especially since they have also been used in other obvious set ups. I hope they start following their hearts instead of the covert program that uses them, but know they probably don't even have a choice to, which is why I erased their name from this post. Perhaps most of the people there would be good, decent, genuinely caring people if they were not being controlled by the covert program, like most other places and organizations.

Genuine help does not hurt. It just helps.
And victims do not have to be hurt in order to be helped. Its too wrong.

I wish I didn't have to seek help anywhere. I wish my work had not been sabotaged. I wish I had my own money to take care of myself. I wish they did not have me trapped in this destitution prison. I wish things were different. Them being this way is not my choice.