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Monday, April 2, 2018

I Got My License Back, But. . .

   I got my second new license and it now has the gold star in the corner, which deems it as "valid" as the one they took from me to begin with. However, this one has a little defect in the coloration on the top back side of it, and I have wondered if that is just a less conspicuous way of flagging me as a possible danger or criminal...etc. Its probably just me being too suspicious, due to what happened. I hope so anyway.
   I am not the one who should be restricted or stopped in any way or form. (There has already been too much of that in my life.) Its those who target me who should be stopped so I can be free. . .and the same should apply for every other torture victim. We are not the ones who are the criminals and we should not be treated as such.