My New "Yearn for Freedom" Blog;

Thursday, April 5, 2018

Dream of My Death Due to Something About Water

   Over a decade ago I had a dream that I die due to something connected with water or my saying something about water. And I now think that it is probably about my exposing the 2008 news reports about drugs being found in public drinking water supplies and the dream I had, around the year 2000, about dark people putting something harmful in a public water supply. . .and my sharing my feelings that this is all connected to the technological mind control, which is aided by certain chemicals and/or pharmaceuticals.
   But this is just one of the many courses this could take and it does not have to be this way. The deaths in my old dreams, I am learning, may not always be about physical death and may be about the damage that is being done to the minds of people who are completely enslaved. I hope that my brain and heart and instincts and intuition are not damaged anymore than they already have been, because I want to recover from what they have done to me. I also hope that they do not physically kill me. I do not want to die before my time or at the hands of the criminals who are targeting me. I feel that my personal situation could and should be going a different way, but that depends upon others people's choices. So what do I do? I can not erase from my writings anything that can prove the targeting, which has not yet been proven, especially anything connected to the pharmaceutical and technological mind control and the enslavement of human beings - the destruction of the Heart and Soul of humanity, which my life's work had aimed to remedy. Asking me to do this is like asking me to defy the real God and join the evil forces. I can not do it of my own free will and I hope it does not happen any other way.
    I believe in standing up for what we feel is right, especially when it exposes, and aims to stop, things that are damaging and/or destroying the most important parts of people, especially little defenseless children - the future of humanity. How can any of us live with ourselves if we chose to fall silent about these things, which is akin to joining the criminals who torture and harm us.
  I believe in the following phrase, although (to me) has nothing to with being Christian or not and everything to do with caring about ourselves and others. MLK wrote it about segregation, but it fits the psychological and spiritual destructions that have been being inflicted upon humanity with ALL levels of the technological and pharmaceutical mind control.

“If physical death is the price that some must pay to free their children from a permanent life of psychological death, then nothing could be more Christian.” ~ Martin Luther King Jr.

However, I feel that, in this movement for Freedom from technological mind control...etc., the pioneers, like Jim Keith and Jerry E. Smith, already stood and were taken down and that its now time for the survival of the brave Hearts who dare to openly stand up against it. We may not ALL survive. People, like me, who are too isolated and have no protection or support of loved ones are too vulnerable. But others, especially officials and main stream media, could safely stand up. I had a dream about people deciding to stand up and that they did not get hurt for doing so. I believe in that dream. The time for this to happen for me is probably passed, but its not passed for others or the rest of humanity. Please let your Hearts stand for humanity's Freedom and all who are suffering.

Give us STRENGTH, God...to find our way through bullets hidden in microwaves, and COURAGE, God...to make a STAND that saves our lives and FREEs our land.