My New "Yearn for Freedom" Blog;

Saturday, April 28, 2018

Dangers at the End of the Road

   Things are really difficult for me. I am experiencing another round of threats to disable my vehicle. It appears that, one way or the other, they may accomplish this very soon. The night before last they had a tow truck drop a car off in a parking lot in front of me. Then last night they had a tow truck break down and not be able to start in a parking lot in front of me. I know this was not a coincidence, because it mimics the types of things they do to terrorize me through threatening to disable my vehicle. This had been done a lot in the past several years and was followed through with on a massive scale, around 2013 and 2014. Now they know that even just the threat of it inflicts me with distress. Sometimes they had even disabled or broke my car and had it towed under the guise of it being "help", sometimes even using good and unaware people in the foreground of these episodes that always hurt and scared me and  never helped me get away from the targeting. It just added to it. . .becoming another difficult part of it.
   Right now they appear to have multiple things set up for me to lose my vehicle/home, and the types of freedom and safety it provides me with. They could just not let it start, like they did for a few minutes this morning or they could legally force me to take it off the road, which there have been set ups to do...etc. My days in it seem extremely limited for sure, at this point.
   This is really scary because there are no safe options for me. It appears that they want to either dump me on the streets where I'd be far too vulnerable to those who target me, or shoved deeper into the welfare system that provides housing for the poor...etc, which I do not feel safe with or good about. I've hoped for the hell to be ending and not getting worse - I'd hoped for things to be heading in the opposite direction from what is happening - I'd hoped that help would eventually be HERE for me and that I'd be able to recover some of my losses and at least buy a peace of land that is in a peaceful, private, safe location, where I could at least build a camping shelter...etc. But this is looking more and more unlikely as years creep by.
   I have no loved ones left, that I know of, who can not be controlled or who wouldn't quickly be if I went to live with them, particularly if they remain unaware of the targeting. Some of them appear to have been completely enslaved and are not themselves. There seems to be nothing I can do to make things better, at this point. I don't know what is going to happen to me and its really scary to be too completely at the mercy of whatever and waiting to see what they do to me or force me into.
   I wish the Heart of good/uncontrolled officials, who are already aware of the whole targeting situation, could be here for me and protect me from further harm, but it appears that the chances of this have been steadily vanishing in the past few years. My heart keeps reassuring me that they do exist and just have not been able to yet, but its been so long and things are not looking good for me. . .and someone keeps telling me that my life is going to remain this way "forever". Its can't. It just can't. Its hurting me and has been preventing me from doing my work...etc.

Please pray for me. . .and all of humanity. . .that we quickly gain
all levels of safety and freedom from all that harms and controls...etc.

P.S. For about two years now, I have been trapped in a vehicle to the degree of not even being able to take normal walks without obvious threats and aims to abduct me, and without being concerned about them raiding my vehicle or shooting those little dart types of things, or ticks into my body, which has happened to me. This has all been extremely difficult. I have been desperately groping for answers - to figure out what I can do to keep surviving. A week or so ago I planned to go up the coast of Maine to a place where I may have been able to take long walks in more peace (without being swarmed by vehicles anyway) and be able to leave my car under a security camera, but had realized, a few days ago, that this would most likely not be safe, due to the threat of them possibly creating a tidal wave if I go too far up the coast of Maine. I think I already avoided this tidal wave situation, which I'd had a precognitive dream about, but am not completely sure that they would not try again, in certain areas. There seems nothing I can do to try to regain my physical strength and inner balance, at this point. I am too trapped. Although this is horrible, things could get even worse, in some ways, if I did not have the freedoms that a vehicle provides me with - if I was forced to stay in a stationary place, it could be worse in some ways although better in other ways. There seems no good answer to my dilemma, without the proper kinds of help and protection that obviously are still not available for me.

P.S. 5/8/2018; There is also another place I was going to go to in Maine, but it now appears that the recent threats to disable my vehicle applied to if I left New Hampshire.