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Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Birth Certificate Changed In City Hall?

   While I recently tried to find my money I noticed a misspelling of my name on my birth certificate. (An N was typed in as an M in one of my name changes)
   Today I went to the City Hall where I was born and the clerk there told me that my last two name changes were not even on my birth certificate in her computer system. She then looked for the physical file and could NOT find it. "It must have been misfiled" she said. She was a bit sarcastic, trying to tell me that "name changes do not just appear on a birth certificate" without me reporting them and bringing in the proper paperwork...etc. But I had brought in the proper paperwork and HAD gotten a copy of my birth certificate WITH the name changes on it in 2007 and then again in 2011. Between 2007 and 2011 my married name (Sharon Buck) had been wiped off of my birth certificate. And between 2011 and now BOTH of my legal name changes had been wiped off of my birth certificate in their system. Why?
   She called Concord who came up with the same thing at first. Then I showed her the copy of my birth certificate, which they gave me in 2011, and then, after she told Concord (two times) that I had produced a copy WITH the name changes on it, they were able to find a physical file that affirmed the name changes. Before I left she said its all fixed in the system, including returning the M to an N. But I am still finding this all really disturbing. How can important, legal birth certificate information get wiped out and files get lost? What would have happened if I had not produced the last copy that THEY had given me through their system? Is it because I am being targeted? What were the intentions behind it? Is it part of the abduction process and its aims to wipe out our existence or was it all really just an honest mistake or is someone fabricating these things and using puppets in official places just to harass me?
   Even if that was really fixed, and stays fixed, there is still the problem of my Buck name being wiped out. She told me it was never on my birth certificate, but it really was and how would she even know it wasn't since NONE of my names were even in her system? While I talked to her a security guard came to talk to people next to me, and loudly said, "Its crazy" just like they did at the DOT during the problems with my replacing my VALID license. I looked at him and said, "Me too," but I was not in the mood to laugh at my own joke like I usually do.