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Saturday, April 28, 2018

Attempt to Block My Phone

   Before the 20th of this month there was a charge to my phone that would have prevented it from renewing and continuing to function if I had not caught it on time. Then, after I caught it and fixed it, a charge was drummed up to still prevent it from renewing. Was this to prevent someone from reaching me or was it yet another attempt to make me lose my phone number or possibly part of another aim to force me to get another phone - a "smartphone"? I don't want another phone, especially not the ones that the satanic covert program uses, and I should be able to keep my phone number, which is in many of my publications.
   I have been forced, many times in the past, to lose or change my phone numbers and I have been fighting to not let them do this anymore. But every now and then they sneak in something like this month and I do not know for sure what the reasons behind it are. Maybe just to harass me and make things difficult, which works. I want it to stop.