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Monday, March 5, 2018

They Literally Stole My Car!

  Since they want the van I have and are taking it away from me, through manipulating stuff around my getting it registered and inspected, I decided to try to make a deal with the puppet mechanic who had it stored at his garage. He claims that it just vanished and that he THOUGHT I had picked it up. This was my 1989 Oldsmobile, which meant a lot to me and was by back up vehicle after they forced me into the one I have now.
   Between this and the stealing of my "valid" ID and the registration and inspection stuff to take my car away and the canceling of my food stamps, which actually seemed connected to what the DOT did to my license in November....etc. It is obvious that they are trying to shove me into a far more unsafe situation. I am really scared and am concerned for my life. I'd had a dream, which showed things that are happening around this time and that I end up dead. There is no safe place, as usual, for me to turn to for help. Many officials are already aware of my situation and it seems like at least some of them are the ones who are actually doing this to me! Am praying for answers on what to do, but know there is nothing I can do. They have all the power and I stand too alone.