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Friday, March 2, 2018

Parasite Injected Into My Arm?

   Long ago, I had a dream, which showed that I need to have a parasite removed from my body. The dream showed the parasite being sort of oval shaped and between the size of a dime and a nickel. In the past few years some puzzle pieces, around this situation, have clicked into place.
   I feel that the parasite was probably injected into my arm, in 1986, when I was forced to go to a hospital for a second surgery on my spine. A nurse had put an IV in my arm, which was not in the usual place. Another nurse moved it and said something like, "I don't know why they put that there," and injected something that she said was to flush out the area before taking the IV out and putting it in the proper location.
   I think it was initially put where it was so that the parasite could be injected into me and no one would think it was from an IV, because that is not the usual IV location. This, as well as many other experiences, has destroyed my trust in the medical field, which is obviously heavily involved in and/or used in the targeting.
   This parasite thing has been difficult for me to live with, as has many other things. I have to try not to think about it. I wish I could have it removed, but I feel that it is not safe to do so, while I am still being targeted and before the targeting is exposed so that I can have at least one trustworthy person who can go with me and make sure nothing else is done to me during the surgical process. I have thought of trying to cut it out myself, but I am too squeamish with such things and know too little about where arteries are and would probably pass out during the process. Its not safe for me to do it by myself either. Hopefully I can have it removed someday.

P.S. Speaking of parasites; I recently suddenly experienced a large mass of open sores forming on my chest. This seemed to be from parasites leaving my body - the kind that many (if not all) people are being infected with in foods and drinks. I tried taking a picture of it but they remotely interfered with my camcorder on BOTH occasions when I tried.
   Proof is often too hard to get with them being able to control technologies...etc. All I have is my word with most things. Perhaps someday my word will be worth more than what they are making honest TI declarations fade into.