My New "Yearn for Freedom" Blog;

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

My Writings

   I have experienced so much harassment about my writings that I am sometimes a bit paranoid about it. If I write or wrote the wrong things will help never be here for me? Will it be used to hurt me even more than I already have been? Is that REALLY true?
   My heart keeps telling me that it should not matter what I write or do not write while I am still in this torture prison and forced to work on infiltrated computers...etc. Now, and in the hypothetical future, I feel that good hearts will understand and excuse the periods of ventings and discrepancies and mistakes and any possible misperceptions...etc., (that I have put into my writings while being targeted) and not use them to degrade or judge me or anyone else who does not deserve it. . .and that the bad will want to pick at it and do their semantics crap and try to use it to create discord or use things against me that THEY have manipulated through either targeting me or infiltrating my computers...etc.,. . .which will just expose them for who and what they are.
  If this hell is ever over for me, and I am able to recover to the point of my heart being able to fix all of my writings (on UNinfiltrated computers) people who can care to understand will wait for that, and overlook things that seem off color in my current writings, instead of trying to find fault in what my writings have been forced to be while I have been being periodically tortured, drugged and shoved into sometimes debilitating states if distress and overwhelm...etc.

Openly exposing the darkness makes it lose its power.
Even when we can not do a very good job with it.

P.S. I have repeatedly begged for understanding with my writings and have explained my hope to reach a point where my heart can freely fix them all and make them better. Some may ask, "Why share them if they are not the way they were meant to be?" And my answer is; because its better then nothing. There are too few people openly standing up against the darkness that has been hurting and enslaving humanity for too long now. Stumbling writings, from a wounded torture victim is better than nothing at all. Unfortunately this is close to all humanity has until we have officials, around the globe, openly standing up for humanity's Safety and Freedom. (Theirs as well as ours.)