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Saturday, March 3, 2018

My Past

   I can not help but wonder if they are trying to hide parts of my past. Among other things, someone told me that records for the address of the home I'd owned in Andover, NH (Technically Potter Place, NH which is not even on the map) no longer exists. The recent taking and shredding of my old license, and replacing it with a new license number on a NON-VALID ID type of license is extremely disturbing. (Did they also do a set up to try to swap or take my passport? Possibly.)
   My married name, (Sharon Buck) which I used for about fourteen years, has been either removed from my birth certificate records OR the birth certificate I now have was swapped/replaced with another one that does not list it. I was Sharon Buck during about eleven years of living at the home I'd owned on Staniels Road in Loudon, NH. (This is the home which the NH Department of Transportation took through their rights of eminent domain.) It was during that time when the targeting vamped up into destructive levels, although I was not aware of it back then.
   Why do parts of my past appear to be being wiped out? Its all too scary. I do not know the intentions of the manipulations, but none of them feel good to me.