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Thursday, March 1, 2018

License Issued as a "Not a Valid Federal ID"

  License Issued as a "Not a Valid Federal ID" A lot of really disturbing things are happening lately. Last November I went to change the address on my license and ended up getting a new license with a new number and with "Not for Federal Identification" written on the top of it. And they took my other license without clipping the edge and giving it back to me as they usually do. Apparently the changes on licenses are part of a new licensing system. But what is disturbing is that nobody explained any of it to me and targeting vamped up during my initial aims to find out what the "Not for Federal Identification" means. I finally got around to it and found out that it restricts me from entering federal buildings and court rooms…etc., as if I were a criminal. This is really disturbing.

P.S. I got it all straightened out, but it too some doing and I was technologically tortured through the process. Hopefully only bad outcome to it all was that my license picture now portrays that horribly intense look, which I get when I am being technologically tortured. It doesn't portray the real me.

P.S.S. There also ended up being a complication with my address being changed in the DOT system when I was recently pushed to register my car in a town, other than that where my legal address is, in order to get financial help with it. (The place that has helped me with this for years had suddenly refused to...sending me rushing to other places.) The financial help I ended up getting also not really happened although they said it did - the DOT had it listed as not being paid for, which blocked the process of my getting a valid ID. . .but the clerk called someone and was able to get around it.