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Saturday, March 3, 2018

I'm Posting This Again, Because it's Important

[First posted on 3/1/2018]  A lot of really disturbing things are happening lately. Last November I went to change the address on my license and ended up getting a new license with a new number and with "Not for Federal Identification" written on the top of it. Apparently these changes are all part of a new licensing system. But what is disturbing is that nobody explained any of it to me and targeting vamped up during my initial aims to find out what the "Not for Federal Identification" means. I finally got around to it and the results were worse than I thought and a scary batch of puzzle pieces are clicking into place.
   Today I talked to a DOT official who told me that the non valid ID statement on my license means that, after a certain date, I will not be able to access things like federal builds and airplanes with my ID. She said it happens when people do not provide enough identification, like SS number, passport, car registration or birth certificate. I had all of these things with me when I went to change the address on my license in November. I even had them on the counter and the official who ordered my new license said that she did not need them. She also took my old license and did not return it to me with the corner cut off as they customarily do. Due to this and other things that happened around this situation, (Including other officials appearing to be involved with this whole process) it all feels intentional and like those who target me instigated it and hoped I would not notice that my license was no longer even a REAL valid ID.
   I went back to the Milford DOT (where I did the license change in November) to talk to them about it and hopefully straighten it out. There was an official looking puppet in the end of the line who tried to get me to leave and not wait in line for it. I stayed.
    The poor tired DOT official who had to deal with my upset and the complications, which arose in the DOT computer, today assured me that I will get my license and that it will be a REAL one this time. (Like the one they took from me before giving me this one.) I hope she was right. I found it disturbing that she made up excuses for what happened to me and was not honest about what the non-valid Id thing meant. After I told her that another DOT official told me what it REALLY means she stiffened up and wanted to know who it was and what office I spoke to. I didn't tell her. She had also stated that I did not get the valid ID because I did not check the option for it on the application they had me fill out in November. This is not true, and I am sure of it, because I had made a mistake on the application and had shoved it in my purse and gotten another one to fill out. I still have the one I shoved into my purse and it has no such option on it. Even if it had, I would not have known what it meant and it should have been explained to me.
   There ended up being a complication with my address being changed in the DOT system when I was recently pushed to register my car in a town, other than that where my legal address is, in order to get financial help with it. (The place that has helped me with this for years had suddenly refused to...sending me rushing to other places.) The financial help also had not happened, the DOT had it listed as not being paid for, which blocked the process of my getting a valid ID. . .but the clerk called someone and was able to get around it.
   I was really upset through this whole process and it was one problem or complication after another. and my brain was being lasered as I dealt with it and the other DOT official who was sometimes hanging out behind her saying things like, "crazy," which is a common thing that those who target me have their puppets do, in order to try to trigger me into anger, while I am being microwaved. I handled the situation fairly well. The only bad outcome was that my license picture now portrays that horribly intense look, which I get when I am being technologically tortured and emotionally tormented. It doesn't portray the real me.
   What would have happened if I had not noticed the non-valid ID thing they put onto my license and if it does not really get straightened out? Is someone trying to shove me into the category of a dangerous criminal or terrorist? It appears so. I know its known that I am not.

   In November, as I went to change the address on my license I got a covert message that said this  would be "good for you" and it appeared to be coming from an official. There were other messages, which insinuated that help would be able to come directly to me if I change my address on my license. I did not trust the covert messaging, but I thought there would be no harm in it since I have wanted to change the address and remove the organ donation from my license anyway. So I did it. I thought that the "help" may have been about my lost bank account, which the government is holding.  I can not be sure if it is connected, but I recently got a certified letter, which I had to sign for, but all it contained was a personal letter from a Targeted Individual. This was odd. Why would a TI send me a certified letter? A day or two after getting the letter someone had a puppet say, "If you are waiting for that you'll be waiting a long time." Is someone pretending that they sent me something, which they didn't? Is the letter thing just a mean game?

   If this is not officials involved in doing this to me, how can they use so many other officials and why are they letting things like this happen? Why are they not HERE for us? Who was trying to slip me a license that could make me look like some sort of criminal? Why is this being done to me? I hope they do not succeed with anymore.

P.S. I often experience a delay in realizing things. It sometimes takes me a long time to process and experience and fully realize what is happening. I think this is due to my state of overwhelm and how confusing the manipulations are and/or it may be a mind control thing - the short term memory and instincts being technologically effected at strategic times. 

 Sometimes those who instigate the problems produce
what appears to be valid explanations, but the TRUTH
of the original intent remains what it was and is a
serious problem for people in my situation