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Monday, March 19, 2018

Exposing Inhumane Targeting of Human Beings

   This video concerns me a bit due to the fact that the speaker does not share his name. And I don't know about the organizations he is blaming...etc. BUT I decided to share it because he gives VERY accurate descriptions of what has been being done to Torture Victims - Targeted Individuals and their families. He's the first person, whom I know of, aside from myself, that has exposed the abduction and enslavement stuff and the targeting of, and tearing apart of, families...etc. It is sooooo important for the rest of humanity to realize that the technological and pharmaceutical targeting REALLY IS happening and that those of us who become aware are NOT "mentally ill." The horrible targeting can easily be proven with detection of the radio waves that are directed at us and detection of the microchips, that surely exist in far more people than those who have become aware. We should have professionals whose aim is to prove and stop the targeting of ALL victims, including those who work for the government. The silence around these holocaustal crimes - the lack of validation and help for victims has been more painful than the targeting, in some ways.  (I think its important for us to use our real names on the web, for the sake of safety and to give credibility to our testimonies. I think I found his name the day after posting this; please read statement below the video.)

Exposing Inhumane Targeting of Human Beings.


P.S. I think I found the speaker. His name is Bryan Kofron (aka Justin Carter) and his website is https://gangstalkerwars.com, but it appears that he is being threatened to stop speaking. Not surprising. I hope he does not stop. On his website he wrote, "Due to threats made against me and my loved ones, I am discontinuing gangstalkerwars.com. The fake activist organization “PACTS International” is involved in a slow-kill domestic assassination program. They bragged to me that they have killed Targeted Individuals before and they said that I would also be killed if I didn’t stop my efforts to expose the Truth about what is being done to T.I.’s. I am NOT affiliated in any way with PACTS International and I never was. If you are a Targeted Individual and/or a whistleblower, stay away from PACTS International and DO NOT trust them or get involved with them in any way. They are liars, they are very dangerous, and they are loyal to the same people who are targeting all of us. They continue to downplay and cover up the use of frequency and etheric weapons against Targeted Individuals in accordance with the will of the people running this program against T.I.’s. The online T.I. community consists largely of fake activists and fake T.I.’s who are complicit in the psychological operation being run against T.I.’s. If you are a T.I., stay away from these controlled opposition groups and understand that T.I.’s are being used against other T.I.’s to perpetuate the negative effects of the psy-op being run against us. Thank you to everyone who has supported me and my efforts to expose the crimes being committed against T.I.’s and what is going on in Seattle, Washington. Stay Strong and never give up. – Bryan Kofron"

    I found some of Bryan's other videos on this website; http://www.gangstalkingmindcontrolcults.com/saic-cias-backwards-and-other-private-firms-bryan-kofron/

   I have found the fake TI thing in TI web forums VERY true. It appears that many of them are mind control victims who are completely controlled and planted there to discredit or harass us real TIs. This is why I stay out of the TI forums, which I had initially turned to for help and got too much of the opposite around 2012. I have not been allowed to remain in contact with REAL TIs. Real TIs, have been being abducted or silenced in other ways. It all just has to come to a positive end. . .humanity set free - completely free.

Give us STRENGTH, God...to find our way through bullets hidden in microwaves, and COURAGE, God...to make a STAND that saves our lives and FREEs our land.