My New "Yearn for Freedom" Blog;

Monday, March 5, 2018

Attempt to Force me to Eat Only the Food THEY Give Me!!!!!

   Yesterday a puppet at a church asked me what they could carry in their food pantry to help me out more. I thought that was odd since I avoid getting food at food pantries and nobody has ever wanted to stalk them with what I want or need. But then, this morning I found out that those who target me just had my food stamps cut off. So it is now obvious that they want me eating only the food that THEY provide me with. Even a fool, who does not believe that I am being targeted, would see that there is something wrong with this picture. It would be dangerous as hell (literally) to only eat what they give me or what they have access to. I can not be at their mercy to that degree, especially since they have a reputation of putting drugs and parasites in our food. I'm already WAY too much at the mercy of that darkness as it is. I am eating half peanut butter sandwiches and I guess I'll have to start starving when what I bought today runs out, because they control literally EVERY place that I SHOULD be able to turn to for honest and safe help and how much financial help I get, which is never enough...not to mention their repeated sabotaging of my business and other jobs I have tried to obtain in order to get back on my feet...etc.
   I don't want to blame the puppet, because he is most likely just being used in a small part of a larger scheme that he is not even aware of, as is usual for puppets who are trapped in and used by the dark covert program. . .even some of the raven ones, whom I am learning are mostly enslaved victims.

[Update; 3/10/2018] In order to be able to continue surviving I had to force myself to continue scrounging for financial help in controlled places. I got some and am eating better again. But yesterday I experienced another episode of being my energy suddenly being drained and feeling unnatural emotions rising as I went to an organization, which I have frequented for assistance. I think these feelings are technologically induced, in order for the puppets there to be used to help label me as "depressed." This happening when I go there has become a regular pattern.
   There is an extreme danger, not only for Torture Victims - Targeted Individuals, but also for all other people. . .with being drugged with the types of pharmaceuticals, which aid the technological mind control. Torture victims also have to be concerned about parasites, which they seem to be more heavily attacking with in the past few years, due to what appears to be an aim to blame all the symptoms on that and hide the Technological (satellite) part of the targeting. I hope they do not succeed. 

P.S. I eventually got the food stamps reinstated. It would probably look like a mistake, if it had not been done while so many other things were happening. I wish I didn't have to use them. I wish my work and homes had not been sabotaged and that I had not been shoved into destitution. I wish everything were different and we were all free to live our own lives without interference, especially when our work or life purpose aims to help others.