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Thursday, March 1, 2018

Absolute Hell With Vehicle Inspection

   There is too much happening to get into all of it. Before I write an extremely short version of this, and because of the last rushed post I did on this subject, I want to say that most puppet mechanics and police officers...etc., can not be fairly blamed, because they are merely being used by the ones who are fully responsible. The technological enslavement of humanity, and its dark covert program, has many people either completely controlled or forcefully trapped or deceived into thinking they are being used by something that is good.  MANY, if not most, of them appear to be victims of the hell that targets me. They are not all perpetrators. And, for someone in my position, it is next to impossible to figure out who is really doing what and what their intentions are. Its a pattern in the targeting for things to be set up to make the most innocent look like the most guilty and visa versa. Its all just too confusing. But most, if not ALL, of the people I have been dealing with in  this situation are VERY obviously puppets for the covert program.
   I am sorry if there are things that I have misunderstood, but there is no doubt about the fact that something horrible is happening to me connected with my drivers license (which I explain in the previous post) and the sabotaging of my vehicle inspection, which appears to have at least two dark ulterior motives and no care or consideration for me.   
   The process of inspecting my vehicle (like that of registering it) is complicated by my being held in destitution and being forced to get financial help, in order to accomplish it. The inspecting of my vehicle has been a hell that has sent me to four different places and experiencing OBVIOUS aims to sabotage its getting inspected, which were surrounded by threats to push me off the road and there also appears to be other things, like someone wanting my car or parts in it and its all so confusing and complicated.
   I ended up getting a two month sticker to give me time for them to fix or replace something that the car does not even really need - something to do with the computer system, (which was set up to be manipulatable before I got the car. Many things in the car are remotely controllable, including the heater which was again disabled in the beginning of February, and was not picked up on by any of the puppet mechanics, probably because their leaders know it is not really broken and want to continue making me suffer in the cold.
    oddly, one garage had oddly only listed a few of the things that I had been thinking about - things that had been broken by those who target me and sabotage my car, including the driver side window which they remotely control and was not really broken at all. I guess they had to pretend that the window was broken, and that it was fixed, because I had mentioned it. Too much happened to explain, but one garage listed my wipers as being worn and not clearing window...etc., although they were not until today. I hope they are not going to continue breaking things on the car just to cover the deceit.
   There is one garage who was doing an obvious sabotage, with a LONG list of needed parts... and this may have been to report it to the state. I am concerned that some officials could use it to get me into trouble and/or have my car and belongings confiscated. ( I have no safe place to park the car. The rest of my aquaintences and loved ones appear to have been either killed or abducted or brought under complete control in the past few years. (Unfortunately some officials are controlled by the darkness that has been enslaving and using them, and this is extremely scary for someone in my position, especially when laws can be used, by ill intending people, in order to harm and intrude. This is a horrible situation for people like me who have been literally FORCED into being homeless and destitute.)
   I don't know what all of the manipulations are about, connected to what was done to my license and with the aim to force me out of my vehicle and onto the streets or into a shelter. But I have been surrounded by so many dark manipulations  that ANY manipulation feels bad to me and is cause for concern. I hope they do not succeed with anymore. But it looks like the end of the road for me. The two months feels like a death sentence right now and this feels horrible. I have no place left to go or live or turn to for help, which is sure to be safe and good for me. I wish there could be genuinely good/uncontrolled, honest, aware officials here for me before more success is gained by the dark forces that target me, especially before they take, or do more damage to me, my vehicle and what little is left of my belongings.

I am extremely distressed about all that is happening on top of the usual technological tortures and the January parasite infliction, which I am not fully recovered from and the covert harassment...etc. And there appears to be intent to use my distress as yet another excuse to try to force a covert "rescue"/abduction, which intends to enslave me. This has been an ongoing pattern in the targeting. As I sat, desperately wondering what to I am going to do while all these manipulations were happening around my vehicle registration, they had a puppet walk near me and say, "What's done is done. Its done for." I guess this was supposed to make me distressed enough to leap into enslavement.  My answer is still, NO! I do not want to be enslaved. I beg the Heart of ALL genuinely good/uncontrolled officials to stand up for me and other victims and America and the rest of humanity as well as themselves.

P.S. I have tried to edit this post, because I was so upset when writings it. I am still too distressed about this and what has been happening with my license...etc. I do not know who is behind the manipulations that are going on, and what the intentions are, but it all feels bad to me, partly because it not clear and it is hurting me. Its all too scary and distressing. And I hope the darkness that aims to hurt me does not have any more success.