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Wednesday, March 14, 2018

A Manipulation That Seems to Prevent Help

   I have often, out of a state of overwhelm or fear or pain or while I am being tortured, blasted up blog posts, which end up being more of a personal venting than what I should post publicly. I usually go back and edit them, when I know they did not come from my heart. But, every now and then, I am blocked form editing them right away and, at these times it appears that some sort of manipulation is being performed. Sometimes it seems like someone is terrorizing me and manipulating me. . .wanting me to write certain things so they can show what I write to officials who could decide to not help me. Sound crazy? Well. . .maybe. It could all be just one of the mean game they play, which has been followed up by them using puppets to make me feel like I have lost various types of help or will not get it now...etc. This has happened many times aside from in the past week. And the reverse has happened too ( in the deeper past, when I was aiming for help and sometimes when I write posts about being technologically tortured). . .and the targeting backs off at these strategic times. . .seeming to prevent good help from realizing that I am indeed being technologically targeted. Is this just part of the cruel games, which try to make me feel like no one will ever be here for me? maybe.
   But there appears to be a lot of manipulations that aim to prevent me from getting the types of help that have been needed, from the start. Those who target me appear to watch everything, including the official places I have turned to for help, and they seem to be able to control too much.
   I wonder how many others are experiencing these types of manipulations. I still feel (even more than ever) that its safer for official hearts to openly stand in the light for torture victims. We all deserve and need that. . .and so does America and the rest of humanity.

I hope there are wise official Hearts who are aware of the manipulations and can care
about me more than what I write while being tortured...etc., and the same for others.

P.S. And it should not matter what I write or do not write while I am still in this torture prison and forced to work on infiltrated computers...etc. Now, and in the hypothetical future, I feel that good people will understand my ventings and discrepancies and mistakes and any possible misperceptions...etc., and not use them to degrade me or anyone else who does not deserve it. And the bad will want to pick at it and do their semantics crap and try to use it to create discord - use things against me that THEY have manipulated...etc., which will just expose them for who and what they are. If this hell is ever over for me, and I am able to recover to the point of my heart being able to fix all of my writings (on UNinfiltrated computers) people who can care to understand will wait for that, and overlook things that seem off color, instead of trying to find fault in what my writings have been forced to be while I have been being tortured, drugged and am in a horrible state if distress and overwhelm...etc. Its just common sense. 

P.S.S. While they blocked me from making changes to recent blog posts the stats - the amount of hits on those days was larger than the norm. This has happened many times. Its all manipulations and I am not sure who they are manipulating, but it appears to be officials.

Openly exposing the darkness makes it lose its power.
Even when we can not do a very good job with it.