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Friday, February 23, 2018

Efforts to Prevent me From Inspecting my car?

 On the day BEFORE my appointment to have my car inspected I was suddenly being kicked out of parking lots for no legitimate reason. The second time, the police officer said to either go to Walmart or I'd have to go to the Nashua or Manchester homeless shelters. (A few years ago, other police officers had kicked me out of the Walmart parking lot and I was told that I'd be arrested if I was found in another one or a Sams club lot.) This seemed to be a threat to not allow my car to be inspected. But I'd hoped it wasn't. The next day, the mechanic, who is clearly used in the covert program, sternly said, "It is not passing" BEFORE he even started the core of the inspection, and he appears to be making sure it doesn't. (There may have even been set ups for this to happen at a strategic time!)
   A second mechanic that a town welfare office sent me to was even worse. Both appear to be trying to prevent my car from being inspected. A third garage appeared to just focus on legitimate safety issues that it really has...but there have been delays with financial help with this one.
   I'm at my wits end! It is well known that a person in my situation will not last on the streets or in a homeless shelter, especially not the worse ones. That's a horrible thing to threaten me with! Please help pray for me to be able to retain my car/home and get my car inspected. I have already fixed two of the legitimate safety issues. One was just the criminal disconnecting of my windshield wiper fluid tube, which has often been done to my car. And the other was the haze on my head lights that someone told me that bug spray will fix....and it worked wonderfully. A couple things have gone well. Thank God.