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Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Parasite Danger

  There are many theories about the cause of symptoms that heavily Targeted Individuals experience. The primary one is of course the "mental illness" thing that the perpertators have been putting out there in order to hide the targeting. Others seem to be to hide the fact that space based technologies are being used to harm humanity. And many victims grope for answers, in order to end the hell, while being fed misinformation and being targeted too heavily to decifer it all. (I have done my share of this.) But after many years of struggling to figure it all out, looking back over past decades of things I've witnessed and experienced, and weeding out the "theories", I feel certain that most of the general symptoms, which us "Targeted Individuals" experience are caused by  technological inflictions of radio waves (from space based technologies, like satellites) directed into our bodies. But there are other parts of it as well.
   Aside from the technological inflictions of pain and what APPEARS to be "natural" illnesses or injuries, it appears that the radio waves can also be used to excite or effect certain types of parasites or organisms, which are put in foods. I think there is an extreme danger, for more than just "Targeted Individuals," with certain types of parasites that are being put into food. I had exposed this concern a year to two ago, but it may have been wiped out of my writings. Please check into it and help expose and stop it.
   There is a type of parasite, which lives in the surface of the skin, that has been being put onto victims heads in public places or on our pillows...etc. I have witnessed and experienced this. Ocean water helps eliminate them. And there are other types of parasites that we are inflicted with as well. This is a part of the targeting that I have often chosen to flip into denial about, so that it does not freak me out too much. But its a horrible reality. I had saved a worm, which climbed out of my skin, a couple years ago, but it was stolen from my car. Some of the inflictions appear to be the types of parasites that are more common in places like Africa.
   If more people were standing up and there were good, honest and aware medical professionals, whom we could turn to for help, it could end much of the mysteries and help all of humanity as well as those of us who have to live with this day after day, week after week, month after month and year after year. . .on top of the other parts of the targeting. Its all just too horribly inhumane.