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Friday, January 19, 2018

Gas Put in My Motor Oil?

  My car has a serious oil leak, as have many of my vehicles. This has been being inflicted by the targeting. (My oil filter was found unscrewed, and bolts loosened in my motor once...etc.) So, I keep oil on hand in my car, especially since the oil leak has been made worse lately. A few weeks ago I suddenly started noticing a strong gas odor, after I had added a quart of oil, which I had stored in my car and had a broken seal on it. After a few REALLY stressful days I came to the conclusion that they probably put gas in that quart of motor oil, because it even smelled different than other oil. The gas smell in my car vanished as the oil leaked out and I added new oil.Glad it was not another problem with my car, but this was disturbing as well.
P.S. After this they changed my oil dip stick to a longer one that read over full when it was really about empty. They switched it back after I noticed what they had done. This was done while I was in a motel that had been offered me in the last couple days of that really cold spell.