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Tuesday, January 23, 2018

A Bit of Relief From Parastites

Cleaning it up.
   The things I have experienced being helpful, with some of the parasite inflictions is eating raw garlic, taking double doses of sage tincture and rubbing sea water on my skin. I have noticed that, in the past year, BOTH of the supermarkets I frequent have tucked their organic garlic into low and hard to find places, leaving the new (possible ineffective) garlic clearly visible. Similar things have been done with other vital products. My concern extends beyond myself, since garlic (REAL garlic) is one of natures cures for various types of parasites and organisms, which can accumulate without it, especially if people are being intentionally infected. Below are some of the things I have found helpful.

Organic Garlic - for intestinal parasites
Apple Cider Vinegar - for intestinal parasites
 Sea Water - for skin problems
Sage - for ALL parasite problems
Goldenseal - is good for a lot of things

   I wish I could list more. It is hard for a heavily targeted Individual to test products, because the targeting can play tricks like backing off for a while with things that are not effective, in order to make us think they are. Things, like herbs and garlic and ginger can be effected by microwaves being directed at them...etc. Its hard to take care of ourselves when even that sometimes gets sabotaged. But I keep returning to rounds of doing the best I can, even though the general targeting has sometimes vamped up when I do.
    For some things, that we heavily Targeted Individuals have been inflicted with, I have found nothing that works. Literally EVERY time I have tried curing the cuts and bleeding sores in my vaginal area. . .it has gotten a lot worse. This leads me be to wonder if it is all being done with laser weapons. I'm sure some of it is because it has consistently vamped up at strategic times, aside from when I try to heal it. Unfortunately most things can not be stopped until the targeting is acknowledged and stopped and we are protected from further harm instead of falsely labeled as "mentally ill." The parasite stuff is REAL and its hurting us. And it should be stopped.