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Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Technologically Projected Tylenol Dream

   In the mid to late 1990s, I had a strange "dream." As I woke I heard the words, "Use only Tylenol." Around that time I was experiencing odd aches in various parts of my body. I now feel that this message was delivered via V2K, from those who target me, and that the aches were technologically induced for the purpose of making me take something for the pain. But, at that time, I trusted it to be a message from God and switched my children and I to Tylenol for all sorts of things. (This is an example of how a lack of awareness of the technological targeting can hurt a people.) Now I know and I don't use Tylenol anymore. I prefer herbs, like I have since the 1980s.

I keep forgetting to post this. But here it is. I finally did it.


P.S. I also had a technologically projected dream that pushed me out of being a vegetarian. And then what may have been another one that told me to eat more bread, but don't know if that meant just the type of bread I was eating or any bread.