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Sunday, November 26, 2017

Horrible Round of Torture

   The day before yesterday (Friday) I experienced another painful round of torture followed by swarms of vehicles that appeared to be aiming to pick me up. It started with painful lasering of my head and lower abdomen...sending me running for a bathroom, just to find the porta-potty in the area suddenly missing, forcing me to go to a gas station where I was swarmed by puppets who appeared to expect me to leap into their vehicles in order to escape the pain...etc. It ended with my not being able to stay awake - with my losing consciousness slumped against my steering wheel in a garage station parking lot. I have experienced a lot of this since the middle of 2013 - the torturous aims to force me into the covert rescue - into enslavement, which has been often preceded with a puppet saying that I'll get help "Only in an emergency." Its obviously ALL staged and I want it to stop.