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Monday, November 6, 2017

Concern for my Children

   I continue to be deeply concerned for the safety of my children. I have received many threats, starting in 2006, that appear to be to inflict harm to my children if I do not leave my life "forever" - if I do not leap into the program that targets us all. In 2006 I had gotten a message, that seemed to be part of a dream as I woke. This message was, "Your children will be OK if you leave." At that time I thought it was a message from God telling me to not live too close to my children so that those who target me will not harm them too. I foolishly moved to New York. I now feel certain that the message was delivered via V2K and that it was really a threat to harm my children if I do not leave - join them. Just a month or so later, as they finished shoving me into destitution, I was approached by a man who told me a story about making a lot of money if I just do one thing. I didn't bite on it because he seemed dark. This is just one of a few similar situations. The push to make me join those who target me has been strong and sometimes torturous and forceful. I'm still refusing and standing up against that darkness, but it has been a dangerous situation for my loved ones as well as myself.
   Since around 2009 and 2010, after I more earnestly started trying to seek help from all levels of law enforcement, including local, state and FBI, things appear to have been inconspicuously vamping up on all of us, particularly the technological parts of the targeting. Much of the initial manipulations appear to have been to prevent help from being here for us and to brainwash my children into thinking that the targeting was not really happening and that I was just "mentally ill."
   Around the end of 2011, after I realized more about the technological parts of the targeting (including mind control) and how my daughters were long term victims too, I had begged them to go to the FBI. I don't know if they did. But I had a dream that my youngest daughter tried to but failed ("fell") in her aim to. If my children had, at that time, even tried to stand on my side it may have made things vamp up on them. They both were, and still are, in dangerous situations where they have no protection and not enough awareness of what has been happening to them. I feel that at least one of them has probably been periodically drugged and possibly even used by those who target them as well as me. . .and that there may be a dark aim to hurt me through hurting and using them and possibly even setting them up to be caught doing something or being used to try to have me put away.
   I had sensed, in 2012, that those who target us were even watching officials in places I had been turning to for help, and interfering and possibly even setting things up to make us look like the bad guys. This may have started as soon as 2002 when I talked to officials about my suspicions about my little brother's death.I am not totally sure of all that has been happening and what the intentions are. There are different ways to perceive almost everything in this confusing mess. I am hoping that it is all made clear someday. But I think a lot of manipulations have happened around my aims to seek help for my loved ones and I since at least 2009, and, judging by a lot of covert messaging, it is possible that there have been set ups to make us look bad in the eyes of some of the places I'd aimed to seek help for us from.
   Around the end of 2013, a man who was trying to get me to agree to leap into the covert rescue and leave my life, name, loved ones...forever, told me a story, which now also seems to have been about one of my daughters and a threat to force me to leave. He said things like,"He's making her do things. . . They will put her in prison and force medicate her."And there have been many covert threats of this since then, especially since 2015. Some of it appears to be about me, but it could be about my daughters too. I am still scared for all of us.
   My daughters and I have desperately needed protection from further harm for more than two decades. I have felt all along, that (like myself) my daughters are still being hurt in ways that are not obvious to even them and it has hurt horribly that I have been prevented from being able to explain things to them and help them to understand, due to them being convinced that I am just mentally ill and that what I say is not true. And obviously, the right kinds of professional help has not been able to be here for us. I hope that my daughters and I are spared from any further distress, of any sort, as quickly as possible.
   I don't want to blame good official help that have not been able to be here for us in the ways that we need it, because I understand this is an extremely unusual and complicated situation and that we are not nearly the only ones who are being hurt by it. But we count too and it appears that there have been many aims to set up or frame not only me, but possibly also my children. And I am still getting what appears to be covert threats to harm one of my children, (and/or me) through the judicial system. These, combined with past experiences and dreams, raises a legitimate concern. . .a concern that has been an almost unbearable pain in my heart for many years now. I beg the heart of all levels of law enforcement to not let us be hurt anymore. We have already been hurt too much. Please protect us from further harm as quickly as you can. I beg all who are aware of the targeting to let your Hearts stand up for us and America and humanity as quickly as possible.

P.S. I hope that all levels of law enforcement become fully aware of how those who target us can  use them in a horrible process of setting up victims, sometimes with the use of drugs and technological mind control. This has probably already hurt too many. I hope the dark forces that target us all are not allowed to succeed with any set ups and are not allowed to do anymore damage to any of my loved ones and I.

Give us STRENGTH, God...to find our way through bullets hidden in microwaves, and COURAGE, God...to make a STAND that saves our lives and FREEs our land.

Give us STRENGTH, God...to find our way through bullets hidden in microwaves, and COURAGE, God...to make a STAND that saves our lives and FREEs our land.