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Wednesday, November 29, 2017

"Living in a World of Puppets" song

    I really struggle with the enslavement of humanity. Noticing so many people used as puppets, everywhere I go, often reminds me of how many have lost their freedom and are being used in ways that most of them do not even seem to realize. Sometimes it seems like most of humanity is already enslaved and this feels horrible. I sometimes feel an ache in my heart for them and their loss of freedom, especially the ones who are just kids and are so obviously being used either by their puppet parents or directly through technological mind control.
   Yesterday I started singing while driving and started writing this song. Its not done yet, but here's some of it. . .

Living in a World of Puppets
Copyright Sharon R. Poet

Living in a world of puppets - a world that is not real.
Sometimes I can not stand how it makes me feel.

Living in a world of puppets.
How did life get this way? Only empty words they say.
Who will set them free? Who can? And who is free to understand?

Living in a world of puppets.
Who is that sweet little girl in the row of pale blue coats
Her little mind and Heart looking far too remote?

Living in a world of puppets.
And who is that little boy being tossed around like a toy,
The one kept in lower classes wearing dark sun glasses?

Living in a world of puppets.
What will happen to them? Will they find their Hearts again?
I wish they were who they are - every single one a unique star.

Living in a world of puppets.
What's that pain in my head? Why does that man's eyes look dead?
Was it something he did or said? Can I chose Freedom instead?

Living in a world of puppets.
Why is a laser beam from the sky making that lady, over there, cry?
And who is prescribing her that pill even though she is not ill?

Living in a world of puppets.
Who is holding the strings, while Freedom's bell pretends to ring?
Who hides in that blackest cloud behind a holocaustal shroud?

Living in a world of puppets.
How did life get this way? Only empty words they say.
Who will set them free? Who can? And who is free to understand?

Living in a world of puppets. Wanting them to be Free and real.
Sometimes I can not stand how it makes me feel.

More may be coming soon.

   I picture a video with this, which shows a gray town filled with people on strings, repeatedly singing, "Living in a world of puppets," with no facial expressions. And a woman, dressed in rose colored dress, walking through and crying as she sings the other verses. Then, in the end, the strings get gut and color and expressions return to the town. 

Hidden Files Plugged Into my USB Storage Device

   This is not the first time I have found weird things plugged into my USB storage devices. Some of it is files with weird symbols. Some are hidden, but many are not, so I guess they wanted me to find them. Some have futuristic dates like, "2035" and "2040" and "2063" and "2079" as well as really old dates like from the 1980s and 1990s.
   Many of the files would not let me delete them or remove them from the device or make a copy of them. As I tried to save my personal stuff from the device, I found some of it non functional.
   This was in a device I used in the first three months of 2015, around the time when Dan was killed....etc. This picture here shows part of it. I wonder if it means nothing and is just to make me worry. . .or if it is something important. I don't know.

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Technologically Projected Tylenol Dream

   In the mid to late 1990s, I had a strange "dream." As I woke I heard the words, "Use only Tylenol." Around that time I was experiencing odd aches in various parts of my body. I now feel that this message was delivered via V2K, from those who target me, and that the aches were technologically induced for the purpose of making me take something for the pain. But, at that time, I trusted it to be a message from God and switched my children and I to Tylenol for all sorts of things. (This is an example of how a lack of awareness of the technological targeting can hurt a people.) Now I know and I don't use Tylenol anymore. I prefer herbs, like I have since the 1980s.

I keep forgetting to post this. But here it is. I finally did it.


P.S. I also had a technologically projected dream that pushed me out of being a vegetarian. And then what may have been another one that told me to eat more bread, but don't know if that meant just the type of bread I was eating or any bread.

Monday, November 27, 2017

I Wish I Had a Free Family

  Over a decade ago I wrote a song which said, "Wish I had a family to share my Christmas with. Its been eleven Christmas days since lonely came to stay. That's a lot of years and lot of lonely tears..." But I now wish I had a FREE family to share my Holidays with. With targeted families, being with loved ones can only be good and meaningful when we are free to love each other and understand each other without interference...etc. I wish we were free. If we were free we would be together.

Seven Years Living in a Car

   People have often asked me how long I've been living in my car and my mind usually goes blank. But I thought about it, although it was hard looking back. And I realized that I have been living in a car, basically full time, since around 2010. My situation hit this point around 2009 as I embarked on a desperate struggle to get back onto my feet financially,  aiming to get other jobs (as my work got sabotaged) and places to live, and had also been intensely aiming at ending the targeting through repeatedly reporting parts that were VERY provable at that time. During this time I had contacted law enforcement in, California, Utah, Maine and New Hampshire and FBI in LA and Boston. But things kept getting worse instead of better and moving didn't help, but was very costly. There is definitely a pattern of the targeting vamping up after we try to seek help from authorities. I'm not sure why, except that it seems to be to prevent help from being here for us. There was one town where it appeared that the police department may have been being targeted as well. Some of the vamp ups were physically life threatening through this time, including tampering with the brakes and fuel injection system on two of my vehicles. At that time I did not realize the technological (including satellite remote viewing) parts of the targeting and that they were watching everything I did and every place I went for help, including non professional types of places. But I know now.
   In the Spring of 2009, after a serious round of sabotaging left me without a vehicle, without a place to live and with no money, a charity organization bought me a bus ticket from Arizona back to New Hampshire where I went to a loved one's home. But the targeting started vamping up on her, eventually making it too uncomfortable for me to stay there, until I got back onto my own feet. She had demonstrated rounds of extreme mood swings and anger toward me, as well as other uncharacteristic behaviors. It baffled me at the time. I felt really hurt by it. I was not aware of the technological targeting, at that time. But I now feel certain that she was/is a technological mind control victim and was also being targeted in other ways with little things that kept her in a state of agitation as well as possibly being drugged by a man who suddenly started zooming in on her as her good relationship was being sabotaged...etc. It seemed to be better for both of us that I did not stay there longer than I did. Even that was too much. My presence there appears to have caused the targeting to vamp up on her and make things more difficult for me too. But I was there long enough to get a menial job and buy an old used car, which I moved into.
   After the fall of 2009, I tried two more times to rent a home and get jobs and get away from the targeting, in Maine and North Carolina. The Maine home and jobs quickly ended, on the day before Christmas with a near death experience. I lived in my car through the rest of that winter. (This is when I wrote my "Into the Light" book) The North Carolina attempt to get back on my feet (in the 2010 Spring) ended with severe levels of harassment in one of the places I worked and with the home I lived in being invaded. I've been living in a car since then, (since around the end of 2010) with the exception of just a few short stays in motels.

   Seven years living in a car! That's a long time, especially for someone who was used to owning a peaceful, private, four bedroom country home, like I was, before the targeting started ripping my homes and money and work...etc., away from me. And the worst part is that living in a car for seven years is not nearly the worst of my experiences with being targeted. In some ways, its actually safer for me to live in a car until the targeting is stopped. I am doing the best I can to hang in here. Its hard, to say the least. I am really struggling with it all, at this point. I sometimes escape the hell through fantasizing about life being the way I used to think it was - free and peaceful and homey and kind and safe and filled with my dearest loved ones, especially my children.
   Many of my loved ones have been heavily targeted too, although some do not realize what is happening to them. Some of them are severe mind control victims and I have been worried about them through all this time. It all hurts indescribably, at times - my situation as well as theirs. I am still praying for the miracle that will set us and America and the rest of humanity free.

   After the end of 2010 I continued to try to resurrect my work and also get other jobs, but the targeting continued to sabotage them in multiple ways, making success with anything literally impossible. And my aims for jobs with other people were often used as ways to hurt me even more. Now that I look back, it appears that those who target me have been controlling how much money I was allowed to earn, before the targeting vamped up to sabotage the jobs...etc. I was not allowed to succeed with my work or to use another job to get back on my feet with it. All of this has been extremely difficult. Its shocking how many places they have control of and how many people have been used to help target me. Around 2012, after connecting with TI forums on the web, I started seeing them all as "perps," but I now realize that, though some are criminal types who drug and rape or tamper with brakes or shoot tires on the highway...etc., most of them appear to be mind control victims or unaware puppets or people who had been deceived into thinking that I am a bad person. Sometimes it seems like most of humanity has already been enslaved, to some degree, and is used in various parts of the targeting. Its all hurt beyond any possible description. . .and still does.
   Around the end of 2011 I was forced to set most of my work aside and use part of it to publicly expose the targeting, with the hope of it stopping, but this has also often been sabotaged in various ways, including the targeting of my advertisers. I have not done a very good job with my writings, due to technological interference with my brain and my computers repeatedly being infiltrated...etc.
   I tried other rounds of jobs in 2012 and was hurt so severely (around November 2012) that it was the last straw for me and I just do not even want to try again until the targeting has stopped and I can recover and I am free to do my work without being hurt and without it being sabotaged in any way or form. Part of "my work" is a registered New Hampshire business since 2007 - Poetic Publications. It has been in full operation since around 2004 and started with a book I wrote in 1999. Some people degrade me for not having "a job" but I do. I always have. There has been a strong, torturous, forceful push for me to completely abandon my writings...etc., and do something else. They have even repeatedly tried to push me into getting a job at McDonalds or Walmart. A wounded little voice in my heart keeps wanting to scream, "I ALREADY HAVE A JOB AND ITS THOSE WHO SABOTAGE IT AND TARGET ME WHO SHOULD BE STOPPED INSTEAD OF MY WORK BEING STOPPED!"

   I'm nearly 60 years old, at this point, and don't know if I will be able to fully recover both emotionally and financially, even if all the targeting were to genuinely stop for me and my loved ones. I have been surviving, the past few years through begging for financial help from a lot of different places, sometimes even from those who help target me. But there are many good people who have helped me too. I have borrowed, and now owe, so much money to so many people and places that I don't know how I will be able to accomplish recovering on every level and paying it all back. Its discouraging.
   I know, "things could be worse," but they should never be worse than this for anyone. . .and they shouldn't be this bad either. They just shouldn't. Its a horrible thing when good hard working people are torn from loved ones and shoved into (and held in) a prison of poverty while being hurt, often even tortured...etc. Its all just too horrible, no matter how its looked at. Yes, "things could be worse," but they should be a lot better. We should ALL be free to live and feel and think and work...etc. We should. NOBODY should be being hurt or controlled in any way or form. Nobody! Absolutely nobody. And I still pray that there will soon be a positive ending, of every level of this hell, for those of us who have been suffering so horribly as well as those who have been drugged and controlled and used in it. I hope our suffering is not in vein - that our reports and sharing of our experiences, helps to set us and America and the rest of humanity free. . .including  helping to deliver the validation, understanding and compassion that is desperately needed by unaware victims around the globe. I hope.

P.S. I was forced to sell the last country home I owned in 2003. So (to me) I have been homeless since then. (Owning my own home in a peaceful, private country location is important to me, because this is what I grew up in and what I had owned from around 1982 to 2003) Between 2003 and 2009 I was back and forth between rentals and my RV, mostly living in my RV and moving around to try to escape the targeting, which didn't work except for short periods here and there.
   I guess I sometimes get a little defensive about my homes and work, due to there seeming to be too many negative opinions in the world around me, which assume that we are not worth anything if we do not have a job or own our own homes. Truth is that even those who have never had either are valuable human beings. But I have had both. I still have a job, even though it has been being sabotaged. And the only reason I don't own a home right now, and am living in my car is because of the targeting, so I should not be judged or blamed for any of it. Living in a car is not nearly as bad as being tortured and harassed and threatened...etc. But there are those who seem to want to make that my fault too. It isn't. None of this is my fault or that of my targeted loved ones. We are all victims of a horrible holocaustal situation that has been hurting too many people and I hope it all ends soon. . .and a good positive way that validates and understands and helps and cares and sets us all free. We deserve that. Everybody does.

Give us STRENGTH, God...to find our way through bullets hidden in microwaves, and COURAGE, God...to make a STAND that saves our lives and FREEs our land.

Sunday, November 26, 2017

Yearn for Freedom's Peace Song

This is a shorter, more personalized version of the song I wrote a few weeks ago.

Yearn for Freedom's Peace
(Short version) copyright Sharon Rose Poet

Chorus;  Oh dear Lord please set us free.
Wrap your love around us.
Keep us safe. Surround us,
Til Freedom's Peace has found us.
Oh dear Lord please set us free

No more suffering. No more wars. No more locks on Freedom's doors.
No more torture. No more pain. No more lives lost in the rain.
No more stealing of our souls. No more twisted mind control.
No more families torn apart. No more murdering of our Hearts.
No more! NO MORE! No more. Oh please. God, please. No more!


No more suffering all alone - hit by hearts turned to stone.
No more victims forced to fall. No more silence through it all.
No more chains of darkness. No more crazy covert mess.
No more staged deaths. No more gone. No more enslavement "home."
 No more! NO MORE! No more. Oh please. God, please. No more!

Chorus (repeat all.)

All of humanity – all of the world and me.

Reluctant Wait

  Today, like may other times, I had to wait at a counter for something, due to being forced to listen to a group of puppets performing a skit to give me covert messages. I wrote this little poem about it.

When your through puppeteering
Things I'd rather not be hearing,
Could you please REALLY help me.
I'm here waiting for you to see.

Projected Dreams of Floods and Loss of Daughter?

   Last night I had a series of dreams, which I feel was most likely technologically projected into my brain. (It was not like my real dreams) These dreams showed horrible floods and the death of a daughter...etc. I beg government officials, around the globe, to do everything in your power to prevent further criminal use of weather modification technologies and space based laser weapons that can cause things like Earth quakes...etc.

   I have sensed that, through some of the technologically induced (or redirected) storms, there may be destruction caused by laser weapons, in ways that make it look like it was the storm that caused it. I hope this stops too.

 Give us STRENGTH, God...to find our way through bullets hidden in microwaves, and COURAGE, God...to make a STAND that saves our lives and FREEs our land.

Horrible Round of Torture

   The day before yesterday (Friday) I experienced another painful round of torture followed by swarms of vehicles that appeared to be aiming to pick me up. It started with painful lasering of my head and lower abdomen...sending me running for a bathroom, just to find the porta-potty in the area suddenly missing, forcing me to go to a gas station where I was swarmed by puppets who appeared to expect me to leap into their vehicles in order to escape the pain...etc. It ended with my not being able to stay awake - with my losing consciousness slumped against my steering wheel in a garage station parking lot. I have experienced a lot of this since the middle of 2013 - the torturous aims to force me into the covert rescue - into enslavement, which has been often preceded with a puppet saying that I'll get help "Only in an emergency." Its obviously ALL staged and I want it to stop.

Saturday, November 18, 2017

Yearn for Freedom Book Compromised!

   Yesterday I found that early editions of my Yearn for Freedom book were erased from my storage devices. I do not know why. I replaced it in my publishing company with more added to it, but am not sure if even that is secure. What has been done with the altering of and/or erasing of my writings is a horrible violation, especially since my books are an important part of my job - my business - my work. Please help promote my work so that I can get back onto my feet and try to set myself up to secure it and make it better; Poetic Publications - www.poeticpublications.com

This was originally posted on Friday, November 17, 201. But that post was erased.

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

I'm Sorry Again

   I am deeply sorry if anything I have written offends good officials who can someday stand up and be here for us. Please understand that there are MANY times when I feel scared and my writings have been a desperate fight for our lives. . . and many times when I am too distressed to put much thought into other perspectives or to realize the full scope of all other things that may be happening...etc. I am not sure if things are getting better or worse (in general), beyond my personal situation. . .and this is disturbing for me. I hope they are better than they sometimes seem. The targeting has too often had my instincts, intuition, heart and even my prayers imprisoned in shrouds of radio waves and tortures and my own states of overwhelm with it all. I have often felt too bound up (imprisoned) and have been slowly disintegrating and I want to be heading in the other direction - to be recovering before its too late. But I imagine this is obvious. I hope that it all stops, and then more becomes clear, very soon. I hope to someday be able to fix and/or explain my writings better on uninfiltrated computers when I am free to do a better job. Until then this is the best I can do. Please excuse my mistakes and overlook that which has been altered by those who infiltrate my writings as well as my life.

 Give us STRENGTH, God...to find our way through bullets hidden in microwaves, and COURAGE, God...to make a STAND that saves our lives and FREEs our land.

Even the Squirrels are Against us!

Those darn squirrels keep picking up nuts and burying them!
And there's not many of us left!

Just kidding. But its a symbology of a sad reality that has to stop, especially
since the "nuts" are just people who know too much about the targeting.

Sunday, November 12, 2017

My Vision for America

The Heart of America standing tall.
No longer set up to fail or fall.
A picture of our flag with a Dove.
America peacefully standing for Love.

Freedom's Peace song

   I wrote this song a couple days ago and am still tweaking it. But feel I should share it to help hold the copyright from those who watch and target me.

Freedom's Peace
copyright Sharon Rose Poet

Oh dear Lord please set us free
Wrap your love around us.
Keep us safe. Surround us,
Until Freedom's Peace has found us.
Oh dear Lord please set us free

No more suffering. No more wars. No more locks on Freedom's doors.
No more torture. No more pain. No more lives lost in the rain.
No more stealing of our souls. No more twisted mind control.
No more microwave illness. No more pills for forced distress.
No more families torn apart. No more murdering of our Hearts.
No more. NO MORE! No more. Please. God, please. No more!


No more tech induced disasters - help withheld in days after.
No more parasites in our food. No more altering of our moods.
No more victims set up to fall. No more silence through it all.
No more chains of darkness. No more crazy covert mess.
 No more. NO MORE! No more. Please. God, please. No more!
No more staged deaths. No more gone. No more enslavement "home."
Just the kind of homes where love grows - just the kind we all should know.


Help our tears and pain release in the heart of Freedom's Peace.
All around the whole wide world and for my dear little girls.
Oh please set our hearts free. Please, Lord. Please set us free.
All of humanity - all of the world. . .and me.


   I sometimes have visions of video content for my songs and I think this song would fit well with scenes that depict the targeting... scenes of satellites shooting laser beams at people and a doctor giving a microwave victim unneeded drugs and a mother and child being stalked and abducted and families fighting against each other and people suffering in a public that ignores them and wars raging and people being enslaved while thought to be dead and wealthy perpetrators controlling it all - targeting and aiming to control both common citizens and governments...etc. Then, as the chorus is sung, the scenes switch to soldiers returning home, the laser beams being blocked, Light illuminating homes and towns and government facilities that had been shrouded in darkness, the woman and child being saved, families reuniting and hugging each other, people refusing unneeded prescriptions and all the targeting being stopped...etc.

 Give us STRENGTH, God...to find our way through bullets hidden in microwaves, and COURAGE, God...to make a STAND that saves our lives and FREEs our land.

Tuesday, November 7, 2017


I beg all who are aware of the targeting to let your Hearts
openly stand up FOR us and America and humanity.

Monday, November 6, 2017

Concern for my Children

   I continue to be deeply concerned for the safety of my children. I have received many threats, starting in 2006, that appear to be to inflict harm to my children if I do not leave my life "forever" - if I do not leap into the program that targets us all. In 2006 I had gotten a message, that seemed to be part of a dream as I woke. This message was, "Your children will be OK if you leave." At that time I thought it was a message from God telling me to not live too close to my children so that those who target me will not harm them too. I foolishly moved to New York. I now feel certain that the message was delivered via V2K and that it was really a threat to harm my children if I do not leave - join them. Just a month or so later, as they finished shoving me into destitution, I was approached by a man who told me a story about making a lot of money if I just do one thing. I didn't bite on it because he seemed dark. This is just one of a few similar situations. The push to make me join those who target me has been strong and sometimes torturous and forceful. I'm still refusing and standing up against that darkness, but it has been a dangerous situation for my loved ones as well as myself.

Give us STRENGTH, God...to find our way through bullets hidden in microwaves, and COURAGE, God...to make a STAND that saves our lives and FREEs our land.

Friday, November 3, 2017

More Protection is Needed

   I just tried an experiment with liquid electrical tape painted on a hat and it appeared to not work with the blocking of radio waves, which they are directing into my brain, often at mentally crippling levels. I'd tried to find liquid lead, because lead did block it in my 2011 test, but I was not able to find any. Its discouraging that real lead is becoming hard to find and that the types that are available are too expensive for me.    I heard that the old leaded house paints, which contained liquid lead, were banned from use on residences in the 1970s, in the UK and USA. This is around the time when the lethal targetings appear to have started more fully raging through humanity. Its sad that those who hurt us had control of too much by that time.
   I heard that many of the laws, which support the targeting, were instigated by bad advise from just a few perpetrators who had positioned themselves in positions where they could advise others, who believed them, because they were the experts. It is probably mostly the innocent and unaware who implement the changes, which support the darkness. This seems to be how this operation operates - using good people who can be the ones to get blamed if its ever realized. So, again, we must be careful not to blame people or organizations who did not even realize what was happening.
   But I hope it all starts turning around, because humanity (especially heavily hit victims) need EVERY possible mode of protection and safety to be readily available. Surely anyone who cares for humanity's safety would agree. This is about saving all of us from further harm.
   There is also a serious need of unfiltered radio wave blockers and radio free communities being made available to all who do not want to be subjected to radio waves of any kind. This is especially important for the safety of children and adults who are more sensitive to the radio waves that now flood almost all of our communities, and aid the lethal targetings (including technological mind control) under the guise of it being for internet access...etc. This would be important even if criminal use of the technologies were not happening. And it should go without saying that criminal use of all types of radio wave technologies should be stopped as quickly as possible, globally.

P.S. At one point those who target me had literally brainwashed me into thinking this was all being done by HAARP and also that I was a victim of the 2005 "Patriot Act." This happened after I already knew better. But I believe it was effective, for a while, because they had also drugged me during that time. The little I know of the "Patriot Act" is that it enabled legal satellite viewing of citizens. My loved ones and I were clearly being surveilled and harmed, with satellites and connected laser/microwave/radio wave technologies, long before that. So the way I look at the "Patriot Act" law is that it merely enabled the honest to have the same freedoms, which the criminals already stole. Those who target us do not care about the laws that were to protect our rights to private, peaceful enjoyment of our own lives. They were already crossing those boundaries decades before 2005.
   I hope something is quickly done to prevent criminal use of ALL radio wave technologies...etc., in order to regain our freedom. Until that can be accomplished, many of us need ways to protect ourselves from further harm. And more public awareness could only help all aspects of this crisis, because it would enable people, including officials around the globe, to understand and do more to restrict use of the technologies. . .and that understanding would also enable people to be helping and supporting each other through it, instead of crumbling in confusion under the silent targetings.

Give us STRENGTH, God...to find our way through bullets hidden in microwaves, and COURAGE, God...to make a STAND that saves our lives and FREEs our land.

Thursday, November 2, 2017

Its MY life!

  Those who target me sometimes appear to be blaming my not leaping into enslavement as a reason for various parts of the targetings they do, including things like the recent New England storm. This is really difficult to deal with. Its cruel beyond description. I'm not sure if they are really performing huge disasters, just because I refuse to leap into enslavement or if someone just wants me to think they are. But I sometimes foolishly feel guilty, even though I shouldn't. They have been trying to threaten and torture and coerce me into leaping into their hands in many ways! This started with the coercions over a decade ago. 
   I feel that too many targeted people have been forced to leave their lives, just to be completely enslaved under a new identity. And I feel that too many others have been technologically enslaved through either brain damage or drugs or a certain form of technological "protection"...etc., and that this should all be fully exposed and stopped, along with the pharmaceutical and technological mind control, in order to restore humanity's freedom. I hope that those who have been completely enslaved are set free and that families, that have been torn apart, are able to reunite and recover in a free world.
   I do not want to be enslaved and used by those who hurt us and I am sure that most (if not all) other people would feel the same way if they knew what has been happening.
   The audacity of people intruding upon our lives and then telling us that we have to leave our lives "forever," in order for us and/or our loved ones to remain safe, is just too horribly wrong. . .and I do not believe that any good comes from it for anyone. Its not me who should leave my life, its THEM who should leave it. Its MY life! And its not me who should be restricted, its them who should be restricted from interfering with my life. Its MY life! And the same goes for my loved ones and everyone else who has been being targeted in any way.

   I deeply need protection from further harm, especially from the technological targeting, the parasite targeting and the covert harassment stuff, right here in my life, from genuine good people who care about us...etc.

Give us STRENGTH, God...to find our way through bullets hidden in microwaves, and COURAGE, God...to make a STAND that saves our lives and FREEs our land.