My New "Yearn for Freedom" Blog;

Friday, October 13, 2017

Tough Time

   The past two days were torturous. And I am again being threatened with prison and the disabling of my car. They accessed my car and storage container within the past few weeks. They have been accessing email account. They are badgering me about writings...still! They did a set up with a man who was rude and mean to me.
   I cried hard this morning - so frustrated and feeling the pain of those of us who continue to be hurt and even destroyed. Feel like I finally figured out the rest of what is happening to block the Heart of humanity and have been too imprisoned to do a good job with my work. They threaten to put me in prison, but I am already there. An obvious prison would be better than this in some ways, but not in the way of me having to eat or drink only what I was given to me...etc. I hope they do not succeed with any of it anymore.

  I guess the darkness has been going after the good, and trying to make us look like the bad, since things really started coming out more in the sub medias. Its sad. I hope they do not do anymore and can not succeed with what they have already started. I still pray for all the good in the world to openly stand up for themselves and us and America and the rest of humanity.