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Saturday, October 7, 2017

Important statement about my older writings about the targeting

   I wrote the following statement for my Yearn for Freedom book, which I decided is not going to replace any of my old books, because of the dark push for me to erase my past writings and possible set ups that could succeed if I did. Someone, who was in the lap top which was recently given to me, erased the statement below from my writings. I don't understand why.

 P.S. I have removed the statement from this post due to realizing that a word, which alters the meaning of something, was dropped from it. I have been having a serious problem with various types of interference with my writings.  Aside from alterations and erasing of important things, those that hound me have made it difficult for me to finish things before posting and printing them. Due to the harassment and interference with my brain (through radio waves being shot into it) I have developed the habit of starting an article by roughly writing what is on my mind and then fleshing it out afterwards. But I often feel forced to post and print it, prematurely, when they start altering things or erasing it or threatening me...etc., so that I will not lose it completely. As I worked on my Yearn for Freedom book introductions and first chapter, they replaced my files with a previous version, which erased things that I had added to it. Some of it was lost and I can not retrieve it and there is no point in sharing a crippled article, which I have already been forced to do too much of. I will repost it on my Yearn for Freedom blog when I have fixed it, but I do not know when that will be able to happen. I beg those who do this to me to please stop and let me at least do my writings without any sort of interference. www.yearnforfreedom.blogspot.com