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Monday, October 16, 2017

Danger of Perpetrators Being the Ones to Expose Their Own Crimes Through Setting Up Their Victims to Be Blamed

   Back in 2012, I had posted my concern about what appeared to be leaders of this horrible holocaust aiming to be in the foreground of reporting parts of it, sometimes even copying exposure of things that have already been shared by people like myself. A serious danger in this is that, as things reach a point of people actually being caught in the crimes, they could try to set up their own victims to be blamed, perpetuating the targeting while pretending to be against it.
   I had received, what appeared to be threats, of them doing this to one of my daughters, last year as well as in the end of 2013, which appeared to be to force into joining the dark program. If the darkest leaders of this holocaust have too much control over too many things, they can just set up whomever they want to hurt. I am concerned that similar scenarios could also happen on larger scales, even in political arenas. I hope this is not allowed to gain any more ground; I hope the Heart of media and governments, around the globe, stand up to expose the technological mind control, its enslavement of humanity, and all the scams that can be performed, in order to hurt victims and their families under the guise of help.
   I am praying hard for Hearts to stand up for all the good in the world, even the unaware good that the darkness has been using in their covert operations, not to blame them, but to hold a compassionate hand out to ALL victims. Its not only those of us who have been being obviously tortured whose lives are in danger. All of humanity is and the darkness, that inflicts the pain, in many different ways, just has to be stopped. God help us all.