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Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Concern for Other Targeted Individuals

  I have been deeply concerned for Targeted Individuals, including myself. My recent posts were about my concern for Targeted Individuals and not for the purpose of blaming anyone. I know that many of those who try to help TIs are often either too targeted themselves (like me) and/or are perhaps too restricted in other ways.
   I am coming from a deep and legitimate  concern for Targeted Individuals and feel that I have to speak up, because our lives are still in serious danger. (Several months ago, I had started a list of TI videos out of this concern.) The lack of good, trustworthy help has been too seriously lacking EVERYWHERE.
And there seems to be many traps set up for TIs on the web, or places designed to help being used to stalk, recruit, abduct...etc. Much of what is on the web has not been safe, especially for TIs who are just starting to realize the targeting and are scared and in deep need of something that is 100% secure, safe and supportive. We need better levels of help, which do not even seem to be on the horizon, at this point, and its too discouraging.
   In my Yearn for Freedom book I'd hoped to share more of my concerns and my process of figuring things out, in order to help other TIs who are just starting to realize the targeting - I'd hoped they could learn from my mistakes..., but whoever had my computer infiltrated, and also technologically tortures me, seems to have a serious issue with me saying anything about the  targeting I experienced in TI forums on the web in 2011 and 2012. This same entity also clearly wants all of my past writings to be erased, in order for me to get help. My Yearn for Freedom book is now on Amazon, but (like my other writings) did not end up the way my heart wanted it to be, due to a vamp up in the harassment and technological torture and various types of technological interference as I aimed to do it. But it is a record of many things that are not in my other books.
   I have been being too heavily targeted, to do a perfect job with any of my writings. For a while, I kept trying to make some of them better, with the hope that they will help us all and not offend possible avenues of genuine good help being here for us... but my efforts, like this last one, have too often been crippled by the targeting in various ways. And my heart assures me that GENUINE good help would care too much to withhold help, and make me suffer for longer, no matter what my targeted writings do or do not contain.

 P.S. This was inspired by a couple emails I got after emailing one of posts to people who are in positions to be able to reach TIs.

Give us STRENGTH, God...to find our way through bullets hidden in microwaves, and COURAGE, God...to make a STAND that saves our lives and FREEs our land.