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Saturday, October 28, 2017

A Serious Danger

   A Serious Danger Portrayed in a Dream Around last Spring I had a dream that forewarned of extreme danger in a covert rescue. (This was not the first of such dreams.) But this dream appears to apply to the present time period. In THIS dream ‘I rescued and being held in a place, with a group of other people, and we were being forced to go into a tunnel that supposedly lead to freedom. I sensed that it didn't and that it just lead deeper into captivity. I tried to tell the others that its not safe, but some of them go into the tunnel anyway and it collapses on them...etc. Some are killed by the cave in.’ I hope this does not even have the chance of really happening. (I've also had dreams warning of them trying to get me to a facility where they try to inject me with something.)
   I still feel that there is no secrecy, from the dark ones who target us, especially not in the covert rescue stuff. I don't think there ever was. I think they are in the back ground of it all, or are overseeing it, and that it leads to enslavement and is all orchestrated by those who target us and America and humanity. And I feel that good places and people have been being used in the foreground of these operations, so its hard to sense the dangers that lurk behind the scenes, but I feel that they are there. I sense that there is a vamp up in danger for many right now, certainly for me. I beg good officials to stand in the Light - to openly stand up for us.
   In the past few weeks there has been another vamp up of technological tortures and interference with my brain as well as obvious aims to drug me. I have noticed two different occasions when my car was accessed while I was in a store or library or church. The aim to abduct me under the guise of a covert rescue has also vamped up again, and sometimes happens during rain storms. The tortures and drugging appear to be to set me up and make me want to leap into the covert rescue....as is the usual pattern. I have repeatedly said, "NO I DO NOT WANT TO GO!" Their aim is obvious, in the patterns of torture and telling me that I have to "go home" as well as the disrespect for my feelings and choice to not leave my life "forever"...etc. This is really nothing new. I've been through many horrible rounds of this since around June of 2013.
   I am concerned for my safety and am also concerned that those who target me often seem to use good people in the foreground of their covert abduction attempts - people who really think they are helping. I pray for their safety too. Please help pass the word on this. Its safer to stand in the Light in supportive groups. Please do. It doesn't have to be with me. Do it for yourselves.
Torture and raven warnings vamped up after my initial posting of this post. But I do know that this hell just has to stop for everyone it has been hurting and everyone it aims to hurt. And more people need to be aware. ( I also got death threats and threats against my children after posting this!)

P.S.S. Long ago had a dream of officials standing up and not getting hurt. I believe in this. I believe this hell will all start ending when more good people, especially those in influential places, are fully and openly standing up.