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Saturday, September 16, 2017

Please Donate Directly To Those In Need

    Every time I am asked if I want to make a donation to a charity that is set up to help victims of disasters...etc., I say "NO. I believe in giving directly to people who are in need." And if I reach a point where I am not one of the ones who is in need, have extra money to give and feel drawn to help, that is what I'll do. I'd either go to the victims myself or have someone go for me, and see to it that, at least some of them get the help they need. If I were not being so heavily targeted I'd probably have started a website that lists victims in need and shares their stories and advertises for those who have an abundance of money to visit the site and directly give the victims of all sorts of disasters financial help. I find it extremely disturbing that some organizations get millions or billions of dollars in donations for flood or storm victims who continue to suffer, without adequate levels of help.

Please let your Hearts give DIRECTLY TO those in need.

    I feel that True help should come in ways that are needed and should go DIRECTLY TO those who need it. Money is ALWAYS the thing that is needed most, so victims can get what they need, even if one of those needs is a pack of cigarettes or a beer to help them numb overwhelming distress of their horrible situation. What is also needed most is good old fashioned CARE - the kind of CARE that does not judge or deprive or restrict.

P.S. I felt this way long before the rug was yanked out from under my feet. I know that I have been being deprived because of being heavily targeted. But it appears that many are targeted in the way of deprivation of BOTH care and adequate financial help, even during and after the supposed natural disasters that destroy their homes and neighborhoods! This just has to stop! And why the sudden vamp up in storms again? I thought there was a back off from weather modification technologies being used to harm. Please stop the covert wars.