My New "Yearn for Freedom" Blog;

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Freedom's Peace Flag

 May we always strive for the Peace of Freedom

   Yesterday, I was inflicted with what felt like a painful injury to my back as I started designing this flag. But there was no injury. I think the pain was being inflicted with a laser weapon. I was up half the night in physical pain. And the pain completely stopped as I aimed to write this here.
   The day before that I experienced heavy, painful microwaving all afternoon. I am more deeply struggling to survive, on the inside, in the past year or so. I am now doing my best to focus on prayers and good things instead of the targeting. Perhaps this can save what's left of my sanity.
   All aspects of the targeting stuff has been going on for too long for me. Sometimes I feel like it is literally driving me crazy. I hope it does not succeed with inflicting any more harm, on any level, for any of us. God help us all to be totally set free and have a chance to recover.