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Monday, September 11, 2017

Freedom's Peace Prayer Necklace

Freedom's Peace Prayer Necklace
Hand Crafted in the USA by Sharon Rose Poet

   Deep in the Heart of Freedom there is Peace and Love - the Freedom to think and feel and grow, and follow our Hearts above all else, in the process of becoming all that we were meant to be – the road to Peace. I hope this necklace helps remind you to always strive for Freedom’s Peace in your life as well as others.


 Send $16.00
With your name and mailing address to;
Poetic Publications - (necklace)
PO Box 383
Mont Vernon, NH 03057

Price includes shipping and handling.


   The color and size of the beads I use may vary slightly, but plan to remain in natural tones and made of glass, wood, ceramic, stone or metal. The first 75 necklaces will have two green, vintage hearts on each side of a round, beige bead. The hand made braid is 100% cotton with a knotted clasp.
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P.S. Many years ago I had designed a set of jewelry, using my Heart Bud logo, but the targeting prevented me from following through on it after I'd found a silversmith to produce them for me. I can not afford to do any of that right now, but this simple braided necklace is something I can afford to do while living in my car. . .and its helping me to ignore some of the targeting and feel like I am doing something useful that can become part of my work. I think it also may be saving what is left of my sanity.
   I've been trying to find something constructive to do in my vehicle prison and had thought of making braided necklaces many times in the past couple years. I am finally doing it. On the first day of making them (The day before yesterday) painful torture of my brain began directly after I started praying and making the first necklace. The torture didn't stop until several hours later when I stopped making them and stopped praying. The next day went better. Hopefully this tiny part of my work will not be interfered with too much. Surely it is harmless enough? I hope my necklaces touch people's Hearts.