My New "Yearn for Freedom" Blog;

Thursday, August 31, 2017


I wrote this while processing some of my feelings yesterday. Am really struggling with all that has been happening. I don't trust or understand the covert world that surrounds and hounds me. And there is too much cause for concern for myself as well as the rest of humanity. I used to feel better after venting my feelings in poems. But I didn't yesterday.

 copyright Sharon R. Poet

I honestly have not wanted to blame.
I just need to end the cruel game.
Help shouldn't hurt me more than others
What happens to my children...etc., and brothers
While I still wait for the wars to end -
For the hell to stop and you to be our friend?
I'm sorry. I truly am. Believe what I say.
I didn't want things to go this way.
Two thousand thirteen and fourteen
Extended way too far beyond mean
We paid the cost in too much lost
And its time to sooth it clean.
Oh God, it hurt. I screamed and cried,
"Stop. Please stop!" Don't wonder why.
Then hope and trust continuously slashed
Around threats to throw it in the trash.
But now I know I misunderstood -
Its the Truth to you that is "not good"?
Where are you now? Where does it show -
In plans to silence the ones who know?
You'll "say I'm crazy" if I don't bow too,
And so I'll be totally nuts of I do.
What do I do and where should I turn
In a covert world that needs to learn
How to care and be honest and direct?
What in this mess deserves my respect?
I try to find it and reach out to give.
"For better or worse" is how we forgive.
But I'm still trapped here under the threats
And genuine help hasn't reached us yet.
Fading in a prison where I don't belong.
Cast to the wolves for singing fear's song?
Where is it? I wonder - where is the good?
And why can't things go as they should?
Is it getting better or just getting worse,
Under covert covers for the darkest curse,
Where pills and radio waves aim for control
Of innocent Hearts and defenseless souls,
And victims suffer beneath false blame
Or are enslaved under a different name?
What Hearts intend to stand up tall
And stop humanity's most lethal fall?
Who can care to even understand
My grope for help with trembling hand,
For all who needed to be set free
While wars imprisoned the heart of me?
Perhaps it was all a terrible mistake
That must be realized before its too late.
My soul bleeds, but still wants to hope
For your Hearts to cast a kind, helpful rope.
But I can't change your minds or choices.
Oh please hear all the pleading voices -
Suffering souls crying, "please set us free,"
For you and them and us and me. . .
And the future of all humanity.