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Tuesday, July 11, 2017

"You do not have my consent," She Cried

   I have added a few videos to my Targeted Individual Videos page; https://sharonpoet-ti.blogspot.com/p/targeted-individual-videos-i-recently.html  In a new video I posted today Valentine Armon begs the perpetrators to stop. It really hit my heart when she cried out, "Enough is enough. . . I did not give you my consent. You have no right to torture me. You have no right to violate my brain. I beg you to stop. I am very ill. Stop it! Stop!" I can totally understand her feelings.

Targeted Individual Videos Web Page

   We desperately grope for who and why and how in a world that has provided too few honest answers. Is it this one or that one or coworkers or community members or our families or the government...etc. Who would do such a thing? And why? WHY IS THIS HAPPENING TO ME?! When we look through our justifiable pain, anger and fear, from the prison of hell that our abusers have us trapped in, it looks like everyone is involved in targeting us, because we are surrounded by manipulations and misinformation and interference with our brains, which makes it hard to be objective.
   When I reached the point of realizing the horrible technological and pharmaceutical mind control's enslavement of humanity, and was able to back up and look at the bigger picture, I began to see that humanity has been being targeted by a sadistic/satanic force that has been pitting people against each other and torturing those of us who are less controllable. In the sadistic targeting, technological mind control has been being used to pit governments and citizens against each other and pit loved ones against each other....etc. The government is just a compilation of our fellow citizens who have also been being targeted or effected in various ways, like the loved ones and community members of long term Targeted Individuals. Some have been technologically brainwashed into blind disbelief and/or the assumption that we are just "mentally ill," although there is concrete proof that both space and ground based technologies, which can emit and direct radio waves, do indeed exist and can be criminally used; some have been lured or roped or tortured into the covert program that targets us and seem to think it is a good thing and are used to help "rescue"/enslave heavily Targeted Individuals or to fight for freedom in covert wars that merely add to the destruction. And some truly are criminals who know what is happening and either condone it or vengefully torture and/or aim to control us, our loved ones and other community members. God help us all.