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Monday, July 31, 2017

The Psychiatric DSM and Microwave Targeting

   I have written this before, but I feel a need to reiterate;

   I feel it is not a coincidence that the field of psychiatry created the DSM - the diagnostic manual for mental illness, in the 1950s - around the time when the enslavement of humanity appears to have been vamping into full swing. Even professionals in the field of psychiatry have noticed something wrong with many of the things that were being listed in and/or later added to the DSM, and had stood up against it. Among those who opposed it were Dr. Thomas Szasz and Dr. Paula Caplan. (Both appear to have been targeted for it.)
  I'm sure that there must be some legitimate things in the DSM. But was it actually created and/or added to, in order to falsely label symptoms of microwave targeting so that victims would be discredited, disbelieved and medicated instead of helped;  in order to destroy the Heart of humanity through falsely labeling and medicating things that are natural feelings and issues, which feeling and facing are what helps us to heal and grow;  in order to fabricate a reason to medicate as many people as possible, with substances that aid the success of technological mind control;  in order to instigate financial gain for pharmaceutical companies;  in order to discredit Targeted Individuals - people who are less controllable and have become aware of the targeting?
   I feel that all these questions can be accurately answered as, yes. This is something that I feel strongly about and feel certain that my perceptions are not wrong on. And I pray for the lethal microwave targeting and technological and pharmaceutical enslavement of humanity, and its destruction of the Heart of humanity, to be fully realized and stopped ASAP.


P.S. A similar thing has been happening with with physical illness, which are caused by microwave targeting and appears to be eugenics based.