My New "Yearn for Freedom" Blog;

Monday, July 10, 2017


   Radio waves can be shot into a person's body as easily as that which comes from satellites for internet access. Many of us are being tortured - literally tortured. The technological mind control, and its enslavement of humanity, is the core of the problem and it victimizes people both inside and outside governments. Please help expose and stop it from continuing. I beg all levels of government officials, who are aware of the technological tortures and mind control, to openly stand up for themselves, each other, us torture victims and all of humanity.

P.S. Early this morning I received a death threat, via a projected dream, and then my lungs were tortured/microwaved as I woke. Can they inflict emphazema with microwaves? Probably. This is part of another round of what appears to them wanting me to stop smoking and go through a healing process while they are watching and judging and, if its anything like the past, torturing me as well. I can not do it. I just can't stop smoking and heal while I am in this torturous prison. I am being painfully tortured with a laser shot to my head as I write this and was tortured off and on through yesterday and today. I have been experiencing a lot of harassment and lasering of my brain into anger lately. Apparently they have been trying to make me look insane or dangerous I hope they do not succeed.
   It appears that they have accessed and used my primary email account more than once lately. My original youtube account was taken over and I am not allowed access to it for a few years now. But this new one has been up and running; https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCUnFkr95AGaz43o6FmOxbsw