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Monday, July 31, 2017

My Recent Videos

   I did not do a very good job with my new videos, which were primarily to give a quick overview of  the most obvious parts of the targeting since around 1974. I was not allowed to edit them before uploading them or to keep them private until I edited them.
   Its very disturbing that I have not been able to freely produce and edit my videos and other writings about the targeting. And its even more disturbing that some of my writings, and their dates of creation, have been altered by those who target me.
   Until I have the freedom to be more clear and concise, and have the right to freely edit out mistakes without being harassed or blocked from doing so or being too heavily targeted to do so effectively, I can only pray that you read or listen with your Hearts, look past bloops and do not make negative assumptions against me or anyone else...etc.
   Sometimes I think that I should just pull this blog and my videos down until I have the freedom to do a better job with them. But then I have the concern that this could serve those who target me if something bad were to happen to me and there was nothing left of my writings. Until I am safe and free, its seems better to leave them up, because in between their alterations and my own mistakes is information that I feel can help people to realize, and help stop, the targeting of humanity.

Play List with my recent videos on it.

The Psychiatric DSM and Microwave Targeting

   I have written this before, but I feel a need to reiterate;

   I feel it is not a coincidence that the field of psychiatry created the DSM - the diagnostic manual for mental illness, in the 1950s - around the time when the enslavement of humanity appears to have been vamping into full swing. Even professionals in the field of psychiatry have noticed something wrong with many of the things that were being listed in and/or later added to the DSM, and had stood up against it. Among those who opposed it were Dr. Thomas Szasz and Dr. Paula Caplan. (Both appear to have been targeted for it.)
  I'm sure that there must be some legitimate things in the DSM. But was it actually created and/or added to, in order to falsely label symptoms of microwave targeting so that victims would be discredited, disbelieved and medicated instead of helped;  in order to destroy the Heart of humanity through falsely labeling and medicating things that are natural feelings and issues, which feeling and facing are what helps us to heal and grow;  in order to fabricate a reason to medicate as many people as possible, with substances that aid the success of technological mind control;  in order to instigate financial gain for pharmaceutical companies;  in order to discredit Targeted Individuals - people who are less controllable and have become aware of the targeting?
   I feel that all these questions can be accurately answered as, yes. This is something that I feel strongly about and feel certain that my perceptions are not wrong on. And I pray for the lethal microwave targeting and technological and pharmaceutical enslavement of humanity, and its destruction of the Heart of humanity, to be fully realized and stopped ASAP.


P.S. A similar thing has been happening with with physical illness, which are caused by microwave targeting and appears to be eugenics based.

The Choice

   It appears that I have been getting covert messages that try to make me choose to be for or against  America or other things. I find this disturbing, because, from my perspective, this situation is not a matter of being for or against anything. To me its a matter of standing up for freedom for all, because so much of humanity appears to have already been enslaved.

 I chose FREEDOM from all levels of the targeting, and its covert wars, for America and the rest of humanity. God help us all to be totally set free and have a chance to recover.

   I have not done a very good job with my writings and videos on the targeting, but I have been aiming to take a more neutral stand - to stop assuming or perceiving things as only what they appear to be in this situation, especially the covert harassment part, that has been too confusing and deceitful and manipulative to get a good handle on while still being targeted.
   I'd have to be free from all levels of the targeting and have the chance to recover, to the point of being able to listen to only my own instincts and heart above all else, BEFORE I'd be able to do a better job with this. Please try to understand.

Thursday, July 27, 2017


[ Update 8-11-2017: Yesterday I had changed this post, but I have restored it today. My situation leaves me at a loss as to how to handle this dilemma. I have legitimate concerns and feelings to deal with on top of being surrounded by the usual contradicting covert messages which include threats to withhold help if I change it or to disable my car and shove me into a shelter if I do not. I just want to follow my own heart. In my heart I want to expose enough (but not too much) of what has been happening with the hope of threats to inflict more harm to not succeed. And its extremely difficult to find that balance, especially while being harassed and/or my brain being lasered.
I have actually not written about hardly any of my experiences with ALL levels of law enforcement, because there are times when I have felt unsure of their intentions, and because there have been times when obvious ill intentions have left me in fear for my safety, and because I have been waiting and hoping for things to get better for all levels of law enforcement so that they can be here for us, and because I am concerned about losing even more evidence and witnesses than what has already been happening. This has been going on for over five years now.
I have not wanted to blame any of them because, when I look at the bigger picture, I sense that many of them have been targeted too and many appear to be enslaved by the organization who targets me as well as them. I have been repeatedly praying for us all to be set free, for things to be getting better for them, but in some places they seem to be getting worse - more enslaved, and this is extremely disturbing, especially since there appears to be multiple set ups happening that could hurt me and other victims even more instead of helping us. Recent set ups include trying to provoke me while lasering my brain in order to make me look dangerous or crazy. Around this time police officers were kicking me out of parking lots and video taping me at times when I was just waking and when my bran was being heavily microwaved. Another police officer recently delivered what appeared to be yet another covert threat to disable my car and throw me into an unsafe homeless shelter if I do not happily listen to and follow and obey the covert program…etc. This would also make me lose some f my belongings – the little bit of evidence I have left, although it has already been ransacked the last time they disabled my car for four month last year. Its really scary to be experiencing these things from officials whom I had hoped for help from. It appears that some of the law enforcement places, that had intended to help me, have been taken over by those who target me and I am extremely concerned for myself as well as them.
   Just this morning again, they had a puppet reminding me of the threat to throw me "off the sidewalk for not listening" or understanding or obeying the covert messaging that has been hurting and threatening and confusing me for too long. ]

   It appears that I am again receiving covert threats that they will disable my vehicle and shove me into an unsafe homeless shelter! If they did that it could also cause me to lose what is left of my belongings. I feel scared for myself and other Targeted Individuals who have been isolated and are in danger of being abducted and completely enslaved. I hope that what is left of us is spared from that hell.
   I have recently experienced three episodes of police officers in Goffstown, NH, kicking me out of places where I park for short periods of time during the day. . .and videotaping me while questioning me. This seems to happen at strategic times and I am not sure what it is about. The last episode came shortly after I had posted my concerns about the possibility of our words being altered in videos or recordings....like what I saw someone do in a video of presidential candidates in 2016. I had written about the last two episodes, which happened in conjunction with my brain being heavily lasered while librarians badgered me, but then had erased them out of respect for officers whom I'd hoped were not actually part of the obvious aim to make me look crazy or even dangerous. But now its happened again and I wonder if this is a retaliation against me for writing tiny bits of the parts of the targeting, which SOME police officers have been involved in? Is it them who have been demanding that I erase things from my writings in order to get help? Is it them who are again threatening to disable my car and force me into a stationary place where I could be even more trapped and hurt? Is it them who are being used to make it look like the lasering and microwaving is just done locally instead of mostly from space based technologies? I think it is whomever is using them and I hope they regain their freedom. . .for all our sakes.

I pray for all levels of law enforcement, (local through federal) as well as fire department and EMT officials, to be set free so that they can be a source of help to us and not be used by those who target us, which would be best for them as well as us.

I beg all good/uncontrolled law enforcement officials (on all levels - local through federal) to let your Hearts refuse to go along with the covert program and openly stand up with/for us and yourselves and America and the rest of humanity. We need you. We desperately need you to be here for us, instead of being used against us.

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Plight of Targeted Individuals

   Targeted Individuals (TIs) are in deep need of good, supportive places to turn to for help. Not having this has been excruciating, literally. We need good, decent government officials and our loved ones to be free to be able to be here for us in ways that are supportive - validating, understanding, compassionate, protective...etc. And I hope it happens soon.

Covert "Rescues" Into Enslavement

    I have said this many times before, but. . . I feel that the worst of the tortures have been to force me to leave my life - to leap into enslavement in order for the torture to stop...and to force me toward a false "mental illness" label, which would discredit my testimony and strip me of what little is left of my rights and freedom.
   I still feel that the covert "rescues" lead to complete enslavement and that Targeted Individuals have been vanishing - torn from their lives and sometimes not even a trace of their existence left behind through the past few decades. Some of the covert "rescue" attempts appear to be performed by good people, who are enslaved and/or unwittingly used in the foreground of the dark operation that target us all, and this is disturbing to say the least.  So, I want to again make it really clear that I do NOT want to be abducted and enslaved. So, please stop trying.

I still feel that the dark forces have control of the covert world and that it is safer for good people to fully and publicly stand up for us as well as themselves and the rest of humanity.

Delayed Reactions and Realizations

The mind control part of the targeting seems to cause delayed realizations and reactions to certain things.

The following post appears to have been  erased from this blog.

July 25, 2017 My Videos
   I did not do a very good job with my new videos, which were primarily to give a quick overview of  the most obvious parts of the targeting since around 1974. I was not allowed to edit them before uploading them or to keep them private until I edited them.
   Its very disturbing that I have not been able to freely produce and edit my videos and other writings about the targeting. And its even more disturbing that some of my writings, and their dates of creation, have been altered by those who target me.
   Until I have the freedom to be more clear and concise, and have the right to freely edit out mistakes without being harassed or blocked from doing so or being too heavily targeted to do so effectively, I can only pray that you read or listen with your Hearts, look past bloops and do not make negative assumptions against me or anyone else...etc.

Play List with my recent videos on it.
Give us STRENGTH, God...to find our way through bullets hidden in microwaves, and COURAGE, God...to make a STAND that saves our lives and FREEs our land.

Monday, July 24, 2017

Antony C. Sutton - Psychotronic Weapons and Behavior Modification

  Around the late 1980s Professor Antony C. Sutton said, “Psychotronics is the long range modification or manipulation of behavior by electronic, specifically radio means. In other words you use electromagnetic energy – radio wave transmissions to effect human behavior. . . You are merging radio engineering and parapsychology . . You can create a passive behavior. You can make people go to sleep. You can create narcotic effect. . . You can make people alert. You can make them misconstrue – misunderstand things. Each has a specific – very precise frequency. We know what these frequencies are. We know the behavior modification that can be brought about. . . You can induce medical effect – you can induce heart attacks, at a distance, with certain frequencies. . . We know you can modify behavior through beaming radio waves on specific frequencies at a distance. I think what they did in the 1970s was experimentation. I think what they are doing today is not experimentation. . . The West Germans issued their diplomats with protective devices about ten years ago. . . ”

Antony C. Sutton - Psychotronic Weapons and Behavior Modification


Monday, July 17, 2017

The TI Book Test?

   In 2012, those who targeted me were having their puppets tell me to write a book. I said no. Part of the targeting is done by a group that appears to be watching and judging and testing us while we get tortured and tormented. And I do not want to be used in the sadistic games that test and judge instead of protecting and helping.  My books, which are about the targeting, are just copies of my websites and blog so that my information will not be lost if I lose my websites.
   I feel that I am being too heavily targeted to do a good job with writing a new book, especially one on the details of my personal experiences with the targeting.  I want and need to be set free so that I can write my own book for the sake of healing. . .and write it from my heart when those who target me can not manipulate it or alter it or judge it or torture me if I feel and release my pain...etc.

Threats to Withhold Help Continue

    I am still getting threats to withhold help if I do not conform...etc. This seems to apply to various things and has been an ongoing part of the targeting. Its shocking - how much they have control of!

Dart Marks?

   It appears that I was shot with two little darts late in the day before yesterday. At first they were raised red bumps and, when I scratched my nail over them, there was a little snapping sound...as of something plastic snapped off of the center of both of them.
    I am experiencing very high levels of distress lately especially since being shot with the darts. I do not know what kind of effect it will have on me and I do not believe it is a "good" thing at all.
   Its been difficult trying to log my past experiences for my latest video. And it was frustrating not being allowed to do the video, as well as past ones, without interference with my brain and the technologies I use. I'd hoped the new one, which ended up being two due to my recorder shutting down, would be better than the ones I did in 2015, but there are many things I forgot and many things I did not articulate in the ways that I normally would have, due to technological interference with my thought process on top of my own distress.
   Yesterday morning, I tried doing a better video of my chain of past experiences, but my recorder shut down again and I felt it was done remotely. I spent the rest of the day venting in my car.

Thursday, July 13, 2017

My New Targeted Individual Videos

   In the first video below I had accidentally said "2007" instead of the 1970s when I talked about the chain of three vehicle accidents I experienced. I erased that part and am not sure if it was a mind control thing or my own nervous mistake. That chain of vehicle accidents actually happened between the spring of 1975 and the fall of 1977. Within that time I also had a near accident when my brakes failed to work as I approached a stop sign and then found that the brake fluid had been drained from my vehicle. In the 1970s my mother was also dieing of leukemia. It was a a difficult stretch of time. I was only eighteen years old in 1977.

Part One of Three

Part Two of Three

   I had tried, in 2012 to help my family realize the targeting, but failed miserably. We remain separate and they still seem to think that I am just crazy. I had accidentally said "2007" instead of the 1970s when I talked about the chain of three vehicle accidents I experienced. I erased that part and am not sure if it was a mind control thing or my own nervous mistake. (This is the only edit I made in this video.) 
   Around the time when I started coughing in this video the targeting of my brain vamped up a bit and began interfering with my thought process more than it previously was. There are many spots in the video when my thoughts were interrupted and I did not complete what I was trying to say or did not say it the way I was thinking it. One is when I stated that the ambulance driver had heart attack symptoms. It was actually his assistant who had the heart attack symptoms. Sometimes what I try to say gets jumbled in my brain. Some of this can be my nervousness in front of the camera and my emotional struggle as I recall and talk about the targeting, but some of it may be the mind control. In order to do a better job with videos I'd need to be in a peaceful, radio wave free environment where there are no distractions and no intrusions upon my brain.
    These two were also interfered with through technological malfunctions that stopped my recorder and forced me to make a second video and then did not allow me to edit it or combine both videos into one before uploading it onto youtube. The situation about the blue coat, which I failed to finish talking about, is a situation where more puzzle pieces have been clicking together in the past few years. A woman who gave me a blue coat when I was around 11 years old now appears to have been part of the satanic/sadistic targeting. There is a lot that I did not share in this video. More is in my Targeted in America and Ramblings of a Targeted Individual books on Amazon. They can also be freely downloaded on http://www.targetedinamerica.com My blog is at www.sharonpoet-ti.blogspot.com

Monday, July 10, 2017


   Radio waves can be shot into a person's body as easily as that which comes from satellites for internet access. Many of us are being tortured - literally tortured. The technological mind control, and its enslavement of humanity, is the core of the problem and it victimizes people both inside and outside governments. Please help expose and stop it from continuing. I beg all levels of government officials, who are aware of the technological tortures and mind control, to openly stand up for themselves, each other, us torture victims and all of humanity.

P.S. Early this morning I received a death threat, via a projected dream, and then my lungs were tortured/microwaved as I woke. Can they inflict emphazema with microwaves? Probably. This is part of another round of what appears to them wanting me to stop smoking and go through a healing process while they are watching and judging and, if its anything like the past, torturing me as well. I can not do it. I just can't stop smoking and heal while I am in this torturous prison. I am being painfully tortured with a laser shot to my head as I write this and was tortured off and on through yesterday and today. I have been experiencing a lot of harassment and lasering of my brain into anger lately. Apparently they have been trying to make me look insane or dangerous I hope they do not succeed.
   It appears that they have accessed and used my primary email account more than once lately. My original youtube account was taken over and I am not allowed access to it for a few years now. But this new one has been up and running; https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCUnFkr95AGaz43o6FmOxbsw

Saturday, July 8, 2017

TI Video with Rick Pineiro and Dr Moss David Pozner

   Just found this video, and have to pat them on the back for their efforts to help us. Some of their advise may be able to help short term or new Targeted Individuals, but sadly the community of long term targets are used in the targeting. And there is no community left after we have been driven out and isolated, like I have been. Below the video are the comments I made on it, to insure that they will not be altered on youtube.

Organized Stalking Survival--Part 1 Dr Moss David Pozner and Rick Pineiro


Dr alone 3

   The idea of groups of TIs is good but my experience has been that they block me from regular correspondence with genuine TIs and they sometimes have perpetration puppets pretend to be TIs in order to disrupt...etc. Sadly this series of videos appear to have been sabotaged and came to an end. 

   For those of us who are long term targets, the technological mind control also creates an obstacle in our communities. Many community members are used against us or brainwashed into blind disbelief or thinking we are just "mentally ill." We desperately need government officials and main stream media exposing the mind control and covert program...etc.

   The technological mind control is the key to the success of the targeting, because it has been enslaving humanity. I agree that this is not the government doing this, although there appear to be people, both inside and outside the Government, who have been enslaved or are unwittingly used by the sadistic covert program that targets us. This also happens with family members of heavily Targeted Individuals - they are also targeted, especially with mind control so that they will either disbelieve us. Sometimes some are even roped into the program and used to help target us, often under the guise of "help.". It really helped me to realize this, because the ways that some of my family members have treated me hurt so much. Now I know, in my heart, that they would have been kinder and would be here with me and helping me if they were not being controlled. http://www.targetedinamerica.com

Friday, July 7, 2017

Stand With Love

God is Love. Satan is hate. God forgives. Satan punishes.
God is Honest. Satan is deceitful. God promotes Peace. Satan promotes wars.
God is clear and direct. Satan is confusing, covert and cryptic.

Please stand with Love/God. 

   I have always viewed "satan" as just the dark forces in our world. But I'm using biblical terminology to make my point easier here.

A Potential Danger that Must Not Be Allowed to Happen

   I had exposed this before but erased it because I did not want to make good officials, who do good things, look bad. But my heart tells me that genuine good officials would want to know the danger of set ups where they could be used to hurt victims even more.
   Due to the wide spread mind control and enslavement of humanity there is a serious danger, if those who help to target and control victims are the ones who control the initial exposing of the targeting, because they could just set up anyone they want to look like a criminal part of the targeting. This could create even more hell for tortured individuals and loved ones of heavily Targeted Individuals. What a horrible scenario it would be if the targeting were exposed in ways that just hurt us more. This can not be allowed to happen. We need the opposite - kindness, validation, understanding, protection from further harm, a chance to recover...etc. I think that those who target me know that it would hurt me immensely if, after years of my begging and waiting for help and protection for my loved ones and I, they set up the most innocent and tortured victims to look like the criminals. Last year I had actually gotten threats that they would do this if I wanted a "stand up" in my situation. And it has concerned me since. Thinking about this scenario proves the statements I made about how the little stuff can not be fixed, or dealt with, in the usual way, under the constraints of the BIG stuff - the technological mind control and its enslavement of humanity.

I beg good/uncontrolled officials, in ALL levels of our government, to openly stand up for themselves, each other, us torture victims, America and ultimately all of humanity so that victims can be helped without more pain being inflicted.

Its Not Safe

   The mind reading part of the targeting leaves no room for privacy or secrets. If I know something those who target me know it too. I feel that, in this situation, good can not act covertly and be safe. Its safer to stand in the Light.

Thursday, July 6, 2017

Sticky Stuff

    It appears that they are putting some sort of sticky stuff on surfaces i have to touch lately. This has happened on the steering wheel in my car and on door handles, which happened today as well as other days. I do not know if they are just trying to make me think they are drug or trying kill me. Its hard to tell if there is any effect from it because the technological targeting can mimic almost any symptom. And they sometimes do things to make it look like my symptoms are from something else and not the extremely remote technological targeting.
   Aside from this I am having a lot of difficulty lately. I have been being hit hard. Am scared and still need help, but there is not yet anyone even acknowledging the targeting. Some places appear to have been taken over and I hope they haven't really been. I hope things are getting better and not worse. Am doing the best I can under torturous and horribly confusing conditions.

Some of my emails were erased from my account. Though I have a double security set up to access it, they still appear to be getting into it. There also may have been some recent mailings that were not from me. I hope nothing bad was done.

Saturday, July 1, 2017

A Hope for Survival

Have been at my wits end. But I spent this morning writing in notebooks about our recovery after we regain our freedom. My hope will not let me stop waiting for things to get better - for enough officials, around the globe as well as in America, to realize the scope of what has been happening and let their Hearts stand up for themselves and us and the rest of humanity.