My New "Yearn for Freedom" Blog;

Monday, June 19, 2017

The Bill

   Those who target me claim to be just giving us what we want and keep asking what I want so this is it. I don't believe in the law suit craze, especially those against the government that us heavily Targeted Individuals have been being pushed into by those who target us. But I do believe in people taking responsibility for their actions. I have felt from the start that the core of the targeting has been being done by a satanic occult and that the the top leaders, of all the hell we are experiencing, hide in the back ground watching the wars and destruction...etc. This condensed version of a bill is for them.

Please permanently stop all the targeting and immediately pay me what you owe me in a one lump sum payment that has no strings attached, since I already paid for them one way or the other. I’ll appreciate it very much, because I DO NOT WANT you to keep holding me in a state of destitution and forcing me to beg for little scraps of money from your operatives who limit the amount of help I get, especially when I need it for things that will help protect me...etc. You claim to give us what we want so... I DO WANT THE FOLLOWING THINGS.

1. Reimbursement to me of Freedom; Please permanently restore my Freedom from ALL aspects of the targeting. . .and do the same for the world I live in - for the rest of humanity, so that I can freely live a healthy life in a safe and free world.

2. Reimbursement to me of all the personal property and all the money that your operatives have either stolen from me, caused me to lose or forced me to spend due to the targeting. And the same for all others who have been being targeted.

3. Reimbursement to me for every year, since the year 2001, of the average yearly income, which you prevented me from earning, PLUS all that was spent on and all that could have been earned by my mission with my books, poetography prints, songs and other artistic works, which you sabotaged.

4. All losses and expenses instigated by the taking of my Loudon, NH home, the fire in my Andover, NH home and the forced sale of my "Adirondack Shack" - my in New York...etc.

5. Reimbursement to me for all moneys that have been earned by my works through those whom you used to plagiarize them. This includes, but is not limited to, my second "I Sing" song, which is sung by Tim Mcgraw and called "Last Dollar" and also some other name. And I want all of my creative works to be returned to me so that I can use my own songs and poems...etc., without running into difficulties with what looks like set ups for plagiarizers to pretend that I am the one who plagiarized if I were to ever succeed with my work.

6. Reimbursement to me of the amount of money I have had to spend on medical bills due to any aspect of the targeting.

7. Reimbursement of money I spent on every phone, computer, camera, guitar, vehicle...etc., that was damaged or lost in any way or form, due to the targeting.

8. The return of all of my personal property that was scoffed up by your operatives as you shoved me into destitution and instigated their loss on many occasions.

9. The amount of all money I borrowed (and still owe), while being held in destitution and struggling to survive. This includes what I owe three banks, several hospitals, several churches and many individuals...etc.

10. Reimbursement to me of the inheritance, from a friend, that you appear to have had people take from me in 2001.

11. My life back; All of my loved ones permanently returned to me in a state of being completely free of all mind control and other forms of targeting and them and the rest humanity fully aware of what has been happening to us so that we can heal from it together. And the same for other heavily Targeted Individuals, so that we can heal together as well, because we need each other's validation. Please also pay for our choices of modes of recovery from what you have done to us.

I reserve the right o ad to this since I am being too heavily targeted to think of every possible detail and way of perceiving it.

Sharon R. Poet
PO Box 383
Mont Vernon, NH 03057

   Is this a joke or what?! Seriously though. Its only fair. I have been experiencing indescribable difficulty with having to beg for money just to survive living in a vehicle. This has been very distressing, on top of all the other parts of the targeting, especially when I have gotten harassed, or have been in more danger, for begging for money in parking lots...etc. Though I deeply appreciate the batches of uncomplicated help I have gotten since around 2012, I am in deep need of more financial help, in order to relieve this part of my distress, until a miracle happens to stop the targeting and I can get back onto my own feet. Would you please let your Heart care to send me as much monetary help as you can? It can be done anonymously with bits of cash each week or things like postal checks for more...etc. Please let your heart help me.

Sharon R. Poet
PO Box 383
Mont Vernon, NH 03057